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Important questions to ask your career counsellor

Important questions to ask your career counsellorIn my last blog, I had discussed with you the importance of a career counsellor to get the vehicle of your career kickstarted. Now, because you are seeking advice from someone with more knowledge in the particular field, than you, does not mean that you have to just listen to them. It is pertinent that you also ask in this case. As a newcomer to the world of business or even one making a change in the career, you will undoubtedly have numerous queries that need to be answered. So here I am, yet again, to suggest to you the kind of questions to ask your career counsellor.

Before you get into a formal interview with the counsellor, you can start questioning him or her, right at the onset, that is while booking an appointment. Be direct and ask a question like, “Could I come and discuss with you about my internships this summer?”. This is the way you are setting the grounds of discussion and making your purpose of seeking advice very clear. It not only helps you get clarity concerning your career but also gives the counsellor some time before the meeting to prepare.

Presuming that you are already seated to begin the discussion, start by asking“What do you think of my resume?”. Since the resume is the essential introductory document of your career, that is the first area you need to take care of, if you wish to impress any recruiter instantaneously. It is crucial to have the best-tailored resume for an individual to get noticed and stand out from the rest of the applicants. If your career counsellor is a veteran, he/she will surely ask you to hire a professional resume writer to design the most appropriate resume for you. Also, he/she will be able to point out specific areas where your resume is wanting of alterations. This knowledge is enough for you to start your job search effectively.

On putting this question forward, the counsellor will start going through your document and eventually learn of the areas of your strengths and weakness. This is when you should go for the second among the questions to ask your career counsellor, which is “What do you think are the avenues open for me?”. In other words, you should want to know the suitable jobs for you, which are available. This poses to be one of the most vital questions in an interview with the guide to your professional undertaking; and as you have read the primary reason why one ought to consult a counsellor in the first place. When you get to understand the industries that are available based on your aptitude, skills, and qualification, it becomes so much easy to streamline your search.

When your counsellor is done with showing you the job opportunities suited to and achievable by you, then go on and make your third query. One, among the questions to ask your career counsellor, this query is extremely relevant and essential to the current market trends. The inquiry is “how do I project myself online?” or “how do I make my online presence felt?”. I attach so much importance to this question because, in this internet dominated world, you have to be technologically upbeat and be present at all professionally popular sites and social platforms. This is the e-world and therefore, whether it is a resume or an interview, everything is subject to the internet. The amazing fact is that both the employers and the employees alike find and explore opportunities to begin, enhance, or even deviate their professional life in desired ways.

If you happen to be looking for a job for the first time, one challenge you face commonly is with experience. We all are aware the kind of weight experience has in any industry; it always sets one apart from the crowd and can often be preferred by a recruiter. Your next question, therefore, should be “How do I show any experience if I do not have any?”. Now, if you are a newcomer, you are not supposed to have any knowledge of what even counts as experience and what does not. A career counsellor has to face many like you all the time; they are, therefore, well equipped to look out for individual episodes from your life which you could be sold as experience. He/she should be able to point out from among your extra-curricular activities, internships, volunteer activities, and tell you how to use them to add leverage to your resume.

Next, a job description may or may not ask to list the resources, but nonetheless, you ought to be prepared with some names, who will be ready to vouch for your credibilities. It is thus that “What are the resources available to me?” should be your other question. The counsellor will help you identify the resources in the form of your college career centre, where you will get the contact numbers of your alumni, easily. He/she could further guide you with information about associations where you can do some networking and increase the numbers on your professional acquaintance list.

Finally, “What should be my next move?” is yet another of the questions to ask your career counsellor. After everything else is sorted out relating to how you need to advance in your career, the most logical thing to decipher is to figure out the modus operandi. Since you may not be able to ask all of these questions mentioned above at one sitting with the counsellor, it is only wise that you ask for advice on the next move before you make the next visit. This is to make sure that even when you are on your own, you do not feel lost and lose focus on your job hunt.

One last suggestion I have for you is, be open and pose questions to your career counsellor without any inhibitions. Just remember, at a time as crucial as this, it is your career counsellor who is your friend, philosopher, and guide.

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