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Importance of Networking

importance of networking

Networking has become a very common word and concept over the years, with the advancement of technology at lightning speed; yet not a lot of job hunters attach a lot of seriousness to the importance of networking. Networking is now considered to be one of the most essential tools in a job search; this is owing to a few reasons.

  1. Visibility: The first reason that networking has gained such impetus in recent times is the kind of visibility it offers to you. Looking for a job does not make you popular enough to be known by prospective employers, but the internet and the magic of networking can surely do so. It helps you and others related to your field or interest of work connect very easily by bringing you on the same platform; both recruiters and other potential employees alike. Besides, despite you having a job, your electronic presence plays a vital role, in case you would ever want a job change.
  2. Exchange of knowledge: networking allows you to present your personality to the world at large and know other relevant individuals simultaneously. You can exchange information and ideas on various topics. Their range of knowledge, in turn, expands your expanse of knowledge, enabling you to stay up to date with the latest trends. You can then implement these freshly acquired ideas in your workplace and stand out from the rest of the staff. I am sure you will get noticed by your boss and land up with some extra brownie points!

iii.    Job opportunities: Since you are now open to knowing and interacting with unknown people as well, you have the scope of bumping into opportunities that are relevant to your field of work. Unlike the practice of job seekers seeking jobs, the importance of networking is most established because it makes recruiters contact individuals who seem to be a viable employee. In short, you may not have to really hunt for a job; the job will hunt you.

  1. Adds to your support system: generally, it is only the family, friends and maybe the organisation, who gives you the kind of support required to climb the ladder of success in your career. This ideology has been broken down with the commencement and development of networking. The circle of trust that you build with this technological wonder can be useful in times of adding references for a job. Therefore, you need to be a little ‘picky’ here and interact with the kind of people that you think are likewise in their ethics. Further, there may be times when you do not know how to approach a particular professional situation and are in need of guidance, most importantly tips; this is your place to fall back upon. Surely someone has gone through the same thing as you, making him/her well equipped to give you some pointers.
  2. Ups your selfesteem: knowledge always increases confidence, so, when you have gained so much from networking you will surely have an acceleration in your self-esteem, which will reflect in your work too. When people ask of your opinions just as you do theirs, you feel gratified and content; thus evolving you into a more confident professional.

I agree that after a hard day, networking may seem to be a daunting task and not something that you would happily indulge in. Yet there is no denying the importance of networking and how it becomes immensely resourceful for you with time.

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