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Importance of an E-resume

With the technology of internet taking over the world, everything seems to be assuming an ‘electronic’ identity such as E-mail, E-commerce, etc.; so has the resume too taken an electronic avatar and is now available in the form of E-Resume (Online Resume). An ‘e-resume’ as is very evident from its name is a kind of resume that is available online for the perusal of the recruiters. A normal resume is mainly written in the PDF, Word or PDF format whereas the E-Resume is made using HTML/WordPress. In this article, let us see more about the importance of an e-resume. (Online Resume)

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Surprisingly, this document is not read by any human recruiter; instead, it is read by a computer program. The process of candidate selection is carried out with the help of ATS -the Applicant Tracking System. Sometimes a company may also subscribe to a service provider of resume scanning which automatically scans the resumes and sends the information into the relational database system. Now, whenever a company intends to hire an individual for any position they call upon human resources management team. A representative from there goes through the database and selects the relevant candidates by entering specific keywords, the resumes that meet the particular score for keywords are thus shortlisted.

The importance of an e-resume is considerable, and one needs to know it so that they can accordingly upgrade themselves technologically. Among the many benefits you can get with an online version of the resume are:

  1. In case you have made any mistakes in your resume, you can quickly correct it and also update it when needed. This is not the same with its printed counterpart.
  2. This is very easily accessible, both for the individual creating it to make the necessary alterations and especially for potential recruiters.
  3. You can easily share with multiple recruiters at the same time, thereby saving time by not having to deliver a copy of the resume to each recruiter personally. Also, you can be sure that it has safely reached the recruiter and not have to depend on the old system of postage.
  4. You can get as creative as you want and make your resume stand out from the crowd.

importance of an e-resume


Despite having such exceptional advantages, everyone availing this facility must be careful and aware of certain things. You need to realise that your e-resume is a website you are creating and thus will have a URL. Now what you need to make sure is that your site is hack proof and hence you need to pass a basic hack test to ensure the safety of your details.  Along with this having a valid SSL certificate adds to the security of your website, and the unfortunate thing is that most service providers do not have an SSL secure socket layer. This is important as it prevents hackers from getting illegal access to your information.

Now, that you have all the data regarding the electronic version of a resume, you can get ready to be served with the best form of this service from Resume Master, your best assistance in resume writing. An e-resume generally has a photo section wherein the individual can provide visual proof of the kind of work done in the past, of course along with the more obvious function of providing a photo identity.

But Resume Master offers you something more, in addition to the photo section, you also get a dedicated gallery for your videos and a dedicated blog area to publish your articles. This unique feature enables to present yourself in a far better way than a mere collection of words in a regular boring format. This is where you can explore your creativity and in a way compel a recruiter to hire you. So, if you think you need the best kind of e-resume composed having the international standards mentioned efficiently, then pay a visit to or call us (Toll-Free India Support) by dialling 1800-123-7135. Hope we covered about the importance of an e-resume. Comment below to share your views about this article.

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