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Impact of COVID on Future Employments

Future Employments

Covid-19, this is a name that will go down in the history of mankind, and people will remember it with fear in their hearts. For those of us experiencing this phase of life, it will be a gentle reminder to be thankful for the life we had before it. This is one catastrophe that has given a massive makeover to our lives, our forms of employments too have had to face drastic alterations. As a consequence, collateral damage will be fathomed in the future employments. Yes, you saw that right, I am talking of the future. This pandemic was like an invisible enemy who struck in a way that the damages are going to take years to repair. As a matter of fact, more than the amends that will be made, there will be an evolution of absolutely new ways to live the professional life. Experts have already conducted their analysis of the probable changes that will dawn upon our work front, and that is what I am going to list for you here.

While the present corporate world is still figuring out ways and means to get their business back on track; the experts found it pertinent to get an understanding of what one can expect in the future with regards to their career. Indeed, a lot of modifications have already made their appearance in our workplaces; but this is only the trailer. Read on further to find what the actual bigger picture will look like on your professional front.

  1. Expansion in the employer’s role – It is funny how the pandemic has caused the employers to become more humane! Jokes apart. The role of an employer is no longer going to be limited to delegating tasks and then sitting and waiting for its outcome merely. As we are witnessing in the present times, the corporate world has made a slight shift towards becoming employee-centric. The owners are now having to make special considerations while making their employees the priority. The physical and mental health of a worker is now a point of attention of every employer. This trend will carry on for the years to come wherein the boss will have to increase the number of sick leaves. Working from home, and consideration of leave for child care will also fall into this category. An overall change will come in the attitude of the owners of a business, as they become more flexible in adjusting to the working hours of the workers. Don’t worry; the financial situation will not be in favour of the employer. That too will find generosity in the near future, when your employer will not be able to threaten you to cut down on your salary for every little mistake. It will become a responsibility of the business manager to provide you with proper financial assistance. It will become mandatory for the company owners to keep a close eye on the emotional health of the worker too in order to receive the optimum output of them.
  2. Increase of remote work – this is perhaps the direct and most obvious consequence of the pandemic. Because social distancing is the call to action by the health police WHO (the World Health Organisation), we do not have any choice but to stay indoors as much as possible. At a time like this, it is only logical that the employers will encourage people to work from their homes and not be physically present at the workplace. Though some offices are still running as they do not have an option; they are all taking proper precautionary measures and strictly following the COVID rules. However, for the majority of the businesses, ‘work from home’ is the best alternative. As a result, employers are inclined towards the same. Workers are gradually getting used to the distance working currently, and thus in the future people will have mastered the art. It is convenient for the employers to a certain extent, which is why the outlook and expectations of both the employer and the employee will be hugely modified. Almost every industry will thrive in this way of life and depend mainly on technology.
  3. Lay off of employees – the owners of various businesses are still trying to get their feet back on the ground after the heavy losses they have suffered. Under such circumstances, they have to cut down expenses, and the laying off of unnecessary employees was thus on the cards. Smaller positions in the offices will be hence forfeited; only the skilled labour will be employed. Instead, the companies are offering jobs as contingent workers. In fact, a lot of businesses are already using this method as it gives them flexibility in the management of the workforce and also is an effective cost-cutting measure.
  4. Changes in the salary definition – this next change in the future employments will be favourable for the employers. Fixed salaries are likely to be a thing of the past; the companies will be able to take the burden of only a limited number of employees. The rising cost of everything and the long time the companies will need to recover their losses will force owners to keep variable salaries for their workers.
  5. Avenues of new positions will open – the requirement of skilled labour will be the call of the day. This is why there will be an opening of several new job opportunities. The pandemic has put an incredible amount of pressure on the health care department globally, and that is one sector that will see an upsurge in the novel job opportunities. The other effect of the Covid-19 situation is the inclination of the entire world towards digitization. This department too, will experience a growth in new positions.
  6. Rise of local economies  – owing to the restriction in travel, there is the probability of the growth of local companies that will contribute to the local economies. ‘Localization’ is the term used to describe this shift in the corporate culture. This will bring back what ‘globalization’ had taken away, i.e., the local economies.
  7. The emergence of new manufacturers – because China has come under the radar of most of the countries of the world, hence the manufacturing contracts will quite swiftly move onto other places. India, however, is emerging as a promising country when talking about manufacturing abilities. There will be an increased dependency in local manufacturers too and thereby create more significant opportunities for the local people.
  8. A shift from efficiency to resiliency – while there was a need in the past to have a crew that would work together towards goals efficiently, yet unfortunately, they were not concentrating on being able to survive. They were not equipped to stand firm against a situation such as the current pandemic. Now that they have experienced this jolt, the management will look to hiring people who will have knowledge in being agile and flexible. In fact, they will design roles that are flexible themselves, so that the workers have the first-hand experience on multiple types of jobs. A team of cross-functional workers is like a safety mattress for times that your business may fall.
  9. Data collection expansion – it will be a good time in the future for those already employed in this field of work. Studies reveal that a lot of employers are resorting to various kinds of technological goods to keep an eye on their employees. Monitoring the mails, virtual log in and log out, the internal chats of individuals at the workplace, and engagement of the employee are all being scrutinized these days heavily. This to keep track of how the workers are functioning in such testing times; basically to check their productivity. This has been gaining ground even before the pandemic but will pick up the pace and expand its course in the times to come. Therefore there will be increased data collection to ensure employee health and safety.
  10. Fitment will takeover qualifications – as opposed to previous times when qualifications played a crucial role in bagging a job, the pandemic has brought a sea change in the attitude of the hiring people. Future employments will witness the hiring of individuals who are more promising quick learners than those who have qualifications. The world at large has come to realize one big thing, the uncertainty of life. You never know what new skill you may have to develop for a particular role. Thus the employers will want to have such people who will be able to adapt to changes instantly and proficiently simultaneously. Hence, for all the job seekers, it will be crucial that they are prepared with the emerging trend of both re-skilling and up-skilling. This is turn will enhance the use of e-learning applications and platforms.
  11. Self-learning – the lockdown has inspired one and all to become self-dependent, in other words, to self learn things. This will make it a norm in the future that the freshers will be expected to be already aware of the line of work they are pursuing. Basically, the concept of on-job training will fade out eventually. Hence, it is time that individuals become more focused on their careers and be enough equipped with knowledge on the same. Competition, as per the estimates, will see a new level altogether.
  12. Increased demand for value – unlike the present times, there will be the requirement of value at every level of employment. No one will settle for mediocrity any longer. Any company will surely keep in mind the three values. Whenever they design a job role, the companies will try to ensure that the candidate is valuable to the growth of revenue, to optimize the costs, and to the changes that may come during the course of being employed. Based on this, the salary will be decided. It will no longer be, what you as a job seeker would expect from the company. Instead, it will be what the company can afford depending upon the way the market reacts.
  13. Rise of complexity in organizations – the nationalization of many companies owing to the already experienced global financial crisis was a common practice even before the pandemic. Now, when the pandemic will be overcome, the merger and acquisition scenario will be in utter chaos for the entire corporate world. Companies will try to expand their geographical grips and invest in secondary markets. This will be done to manage and maintain the risks when similar collapses happen again in the future. The side effect of all of this will be an increased pressure on those employees who handle the operations; thereby making the functioning of organizations more and more complicated.

Among a lot of positive changes, there is always some disheartening thing. In this regard, there is a possibility that a lot of enterprises will not treat their workers as humans at all. Experts are of the opinion that de-humanization could be a social and corporate vice in the coming days. Such employers will not be bothered about the safety and health of their labourers and will thus expose them to risky situations. The humanitarian aspect will come second for these business owners. It is an alarm, therefore for all business owners of the future to be careful in which path they select, for, after all, it is the employees who make a business happen.

I agree that the times are tough and testing, but it is my responsibility to give you the real picture. It is an unfortunate truth that even more difficult times lie ahead in your professional life. However, I suggest you never lose hope, instead, gear yourself up even more. Be determined that if the enemy is great, your efforts will be greater. And that is what you ought to strive towards. Also, the researches show that people will not continue to move ahead of times and create innovative ventures. More and more new avenues of work will be discovered, and the survival of the fittest will continue to reign. And in the bid, one thing will be left far behind, and that is negativity. So, stay hopeful and focused, and then success will follow. All the Best!

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