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How To Write Profile Summary?

how to write profile summary

Step 1:

Before starting the Profile summary first you should conduct research on your desired job. The closer your profile summary matches the job description is the better chance for you to win the job. Compare the advertisements and write a list of common job requirements observed from different job portals and preferred requirements that can be used in the profile summary for a resume.

Step 2:

You should start your profile summary by covering your experience summary with a few relevant responsibilities handled by you. For example, if you’re looking out for a job in the marketing domain include Sales & Marketing, Product / Brand Promotion, Process Improvement and other related keywords of the domain particularly.

Step 3:

Use rich vocabulary words like Proficient, Dexterous and avoid using rare keywords which would affect the human readability index. In the second point of the profile summary, explain the key job function that you’ve earned in your job experience. For example, you can add that you have experience in analyzing the sales funnel, improving the sales margin by defining new sales strategies and other such experience that suits your experience.

Step 4:

In the 3rd point of your profile summary, you can add the keywords and the knowledge of your desired job goals. You can mention like you have a sound/profound knowledge in the concepts of B2B & B2C marketing, digital marketing techniques, and so on.

Step 5:

Include the different technical keywords which you’ve excelled in your career. If you’re from a Supply chain management background, you may include terms like Lean Methodology, KANBAN, etc., If you’re from a technical background, then you can add technical skills that you excel. For example, if you’re a Software Developer, then you may add programming languages, database knowledge, Digitalized knowledge and so.

Step 6:

You should conclude the profile summary by mentioning your general managerial skills. We can include keywords like interpersonal, analytical, mentoring, leadership, presentation, etc., based on the experience level and based on relevant job role. Avoid using filler words like out of the box thinker, dynamic, energetic, motivated, enthusiastic, etc., are the words which mark your resume down.

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