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How to write an impressive cover letter

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How to write an impressive cover letter

How to write an impressive cover letter

Most people, who are on the look-out for a job, are aware that a resume has to be accompanied by an impressive cover letter, but the question is, how many people really know the usage of a cover letter in the process of selection for an interview? A cover letter, in reality, is one of the most underrated complimentary documents.

The Importance of a Cover Letter 

A cover letter is that document which gives an introduction for you to the recruiter, it tells what kind of position you are looking for exactly. It acts as a guide to take the recruiter through your resume, by talking about the primary skills and achievements that you have elaborated in the resume or cv. It is the cover letter that acts as an insight to your qualifications and the tool that a hiring person would refer to initially, to ascertain the differences between two candidates, as to who is more confident and better qualified for the vacant position.

Contents of a Cover Letter

impressive cover letter

While writing a cover letter you ought to be very sure of all that needs to be included in it, and all that should be avoided. The thing that should be consciously avoided is a repetition of what is there in the accompanying resume, in the cover letter. It also should not seem to be a pile of recounting your career achievements merely. Discernment to select carefully only the exceptional accomplishments is the key to a well-written cover letter. However, make sure you include:

  • Your contact information
  • Your essential skills and achievements in a gist that would be meet the requirements stated in the job description
  • How you are unique
  • How you are interested in serving the hiring company not just for your needs but their benefits as well

Procedure to write an impressive Cover Letter?


It is crucial that you begin your letter with something that will make you memorable to the recruiter. A state of the art introduction of yourself that is unique and self-contained is the ideal kind of introduction. In case you have a person who has referred you for the position, you could include his/her name here.

Content Body:

This is the place for you to emphasise and prove to the recruiter that you the best-suited candidate for the job. The best way to do this is to read the job description thoroughly and highlight your specific skills based on the requirements mentioned in it. You sure do have to mention your professional achievements here, but not in the same detailed way that you have in the cv or resume. Here you have to pick only those goal-reaching experiences that are relevant to the requirements of the present job; thereby drawing the attention to the fact that you have already been in that situation and handled it with expertise resulting in a favourable acquisition.

Using too many rare and difficult words is not advisable; it is a myth that the recruiter is impressed by using rich vocabulary. On the contrary, it could act as a significant disadvantage for you, if by chance the recruiter fails to comprehend any word. You need to keep in mind that you are not the only applicant for the job and hence the recruiters do not have ample time on their hands to make so much efforts to understand what you have written. The basic concept here is – stay simple. What you can make sure to do here is use the keywords that the hiring officials look out for, while glancing through a cover letter. Once they spot the word they are looking for, then you can be confident that you have their attention.

Being honest about your experiences is essential in this context, that is something you better keep aside, because you may have to prove a point if you happen to get through to an interview, and if you fail to demonstrate the skill you have spoken about, you can consider it a closed case.

Also, it is better if you could stay away from using regular templates of cover letters and create original content for yourself. This helps create a pleasant and fresh impression on the hirer’s mind.


While closing your accompaniment letter, you should make one last attempt to convince the recruiter why they ought to consider you for the position vacant. You could tell them how you would love to give them a great deal more information about you if they give you an opportunity to have an interview. Always use a polite tone and not a dictator one; your eagerness and excitement to be able to meet them in person should be evident from this.

Some Last Suggestions

  1. Like any other document of grave importance, an impressive cover letter too should be accurately proofread several times to eliminate grammatical and spelling errors.
  2. Make sure that your cover letter format is suited to the company you are applying for at and is not inappropriate.
  3. Do not get taken away by your accomplishments and end up exaggerating and giving details.
  4. Try and stay as precise as you can at the same not missing out on anything that is directly relative to the job offered.

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