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How to Write an Eye Catchy Cover Letter

How to write an Eye Catchy Cover Letter

A cover letter is used to introduce yourself in a personal and memorable way when you’re applying for a job. This post “How to Write an Eye Catchy Cover Letter” will help you understand how you can impress a reader with your cover letter.

A well-written cover letter can solve the purpose in conveying important information from your resume while expanding on other interesting information that is more like a guided journey through your career path, including your life achievements.

Before you start writing your cover letter, it is essential to decide the content that will go into your cover letter. While your resume states the facts, the cover letter can convey your personality traits. Ensure that you write a separate cover letter for each job you apply to. Never stick to templates!

This is how a successful and memorable introduction would look like:

  1. A short, yet memorable introduction.
  2. Specific and relevant examples of work done or problems solved
  3. A strong conclusion
  4. A call to action

Anything else you might like to add on is up to you. But we will guide you through some possibilities to give you a head start.

Stay relevant

When you are applying for a role, ensure the data you provide is relevant to the role you are selecting. This helps the employer understand how you can contribute to their organization. Providing vague or elaborate data can be misleading and the employer might feel like you are not serious enough about the role.

In short, here’s what you should include exactly:

  1. How your work experience meets the job’s requirements
  2. How your skills meet the job’s requirements
  3. Why you want to work at the organization

Providing this information will allow the employer to analyze if you are the right person for the job and if you have understood the depth of the role concisely.

Are you a problem solver?

Let them know! You can include a short case study on how you helped your previous employer overcome a negative situation. Explain in detail how you were hey in solving the issue and how you equipped your previous employer with information and solutions to overcome the issue.

If you recognize problems with the company you are applying to, let them know you can help fix these problems and tell them exactly how you will do it. Make an outline of your plan of action and pitch it to them professionally.

Pick the right tone

Ensure that when you read your cover letter you do not sound informal, boastful or overconfident. Try to stay neutral, objective and professional. Also, a bit of research on the company would be a lifesaver in helping you find the right tone. If you are aware that the company is a tech startup, the tone of your letter would be different than if you were applying to a consulting firm.

Tell a story

Your cover letter should tell the story of your career. Give the employer insights into your work style, preferences, and your skills. Take a quick look at the job description for the position and use that information to state how your skills apply to the requirements.

Be a team player

You have to show the company that you can work with them. You have to get a sense of the company’s culture and address the fact that you would fit into the atmosphere. A brief explanation on how you fit into the company’s culture would be useful as well.

Be Honest

Never tell a lie in your cover letter. This will work against you in the future. If you are not a dancer or an artist, do not tell them that you are. These aspects will surely arise in the future if you are employed at the organization, and your employer will not be happy to find out that you’ve lied to them in your cover letter.

A call to action

Being beauty alone will not be appreciated all time. An eye catchy cover letter should shave a proper call to action to direct the reader to contact you. While concluding your letter, give the employer a clear reason to reach out to you. Be polite and open-ended. Suggest to them that you’re excited to give them more information and that you look forward to talking with them face-to-face.

Edit and Proofread

Last but not least, proofread your letter. Ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Check your punctuations. Highlight the subheadings and space out your paragraphs for easy reading.

Once you have worked on these basic steps, you should be ready with a stellar cover letter ready for approval. Note that it is also important to add your personality into it no matter the amount of technical information provided. Hope you learnt “How to write an Eye Catchy Cover Letter”  Good luck!

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