How to write an application letter for a job?

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How to write an application letter for a job?

write an application letter

How to start?

Step 1: Personal Information

Start your letter by drafting your contact information at the top and ensure that all information’s are left aligned. Make it human-friendly for your employer to contact you and to know about you in detail

Important things to remember: Include date, other contact information’s like Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, LinkedIn Profile (if you have one), and Personal Website (optional)

Step 2: Company’s Information

Include the employer name to whom you are applying, job title you are applying, Name and Address of the company

By including the company information, you’re showing that you have spent the time to research about the company online to know what they do? Who are their clients? and so on, which will seek the attention of the hiring manager

How to write your letter?

  1. Open your letter with a declarative statement that informs your recruiter that you’re excited to apply for the [position] at the [company]
  2. Be precise and specific about what made you apply for the job. What do you like in the company? Give an example, be a little more conversational depending on the company
  3. Create an image to the recruiter that you’re not only familiar with the company’s policies, but that you suit for the position you are applying for

Where you found the advertisement?

  1. Before applying for a job, research and check if there’s anyone at the company to know the culture, work and about the clients of the company
  2. If you don’t have any contact at the company, you can include where you found the source of the application. References can be job sites like Indeed, Naukri, Monster, Shine Jobs etc., the company’s site, or in a newspaper

What is the benefit to the employer by hiring you?

  1. Look at your key accomplishment and work/relevant experience and speak about any 2 of them relevant to the job you’re applying for
  2. Also, provide statistical data on the process improvements if any. It helps the recruiter to know about your leadership skills

Summarize your qualification and work experience

  1. Referring to your resume and your skills mentioned, you can give an outline to the recruiter and highlight few skills that include leadership skills, management skills, initiative skills, decision-making skills, etc., based on the requirements
  2. Include the most relevant and recent achievements. You may have done something in your previous organizational role which is perfectly suited to the job you’re applying for
  3. Explain few peculiar characteristics or accomplishments which the recruiter will not find in your resume. For example, you may share about the appreciation that you received from your client or the management for your work

How to conclude?

  1. Invite the recruiter to contact you by thanking the hiring manager and pleasingly ending the statement. For example, I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible at your convenience
  2. Conclude your application letter by using few words like best or sincerely
  3. Do not attach your signature. Just mention your complete name [First name and Last name]

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