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How To Write A Resume With Multiple Jobs

resume with multiple jobs

As it composing a resume always seems to be a mammoth task, added to that if it has to be one in which you have to arrange multiple job roles, then it becomes all the more difficult. Failure to assemble the data in a poised way could make your resume look unattractive and spotty. The multiple jobs that you have performed may or may not be with different companies; it could well be with just a single employer. Despite that, you have to learn the technique and become adept in writing a resume with multiple jobs.

As I mentioned a while back, the various job functions that you performed could either be with a single recruiter or several recruiters. In case you have had more many bosses, the easiest way to simplify these job roles is to merge the similar category ones. For instance, if you have been the ‘assistant manager’ at more than one place, use that as the job title under the Work History section and then either use bullets or numbers to list the names of the companies where you worked as thus. You could include the dates you started working there till the date you worked, within a bracket just beside the company names.

That was the easier task; the tricky part is when you have to list the various job roles at the same company. It may have been a significant boost for you when you received promotion after promotion and kept changing positions within the same business entity, but when the time to move on approaches, you realize how much of a challenge it is going to be to put all that in an impressive way and writing a resume with multiple jobs.

Now, the multiple jobs within a single company can again be varied in nature – one could be that you keep changing roles in one department, the other could be you change departments within the same company. A third situation could be when special titles abruptly come up within a working place and you are assigned such a function to perform. For each case, the treatment of formatting the resume would be different.

In the first case scenario, that is when you are in the same department, merely list the titles you were designated and mention the dates you were appointed at them and when you were promoted to another position. To add strength to your resume, include a line speaking of the increased responsibility you had to take on at the new position as you advanced through the same department, vertically.

For the second circumstance, you may not have been loaded with added responsibilities; instead, the movement may have been horizontal, separate departments of the single, and the functions you had to perform were entirely distinct from each other. Here, write the name of the company followed by the name of the department and the latest position held; if you have to write the responsibilities then consider using bullets beneath this. Keep writing in the same manner for all the departments. Formatting your resume in this way makes the perusal of the employer easy.

Finally, considering the third kind of arrangement, show your progression by combining the positions but mentioning the job titles. Use bullets to show progress in the advancement of responsibility. You should keep each position separate and not stack them up like the previous if you think the posts were strong enough to stand by themselves. Be careful that in the bid to writing a resume with multiple jobs, of this format, not to give the impression that you have been job hopping. To avoid conveying this wrong message mention the date for each position clearly beside it. If, however, you think that some of the positions have less weight you could choose to merge them. Do not forget to list your achievements in one-liners.

Summing up everything, there are primarily three ways in which you can present multiple jobs on your resume –

  1. Stacking up the titles with their respective dates, followed by bullets giving the responsibilities and achievements. Apply this when you get a promotion within the same company, but your duties remain the same.
  2. Keeping the titles separate, again with the dates when you started till you held the position, along with the duties and successes. Using this format helps when your responsibilities change with your position.
  3. Naming the company twice when you have had a break in between but received a promotion post your return.

For all the formats you have to make sure to keep the name and date of that position first where you are either currently employed or worked at the most recent. The way you present your resume is the way the recruiter will perceive you to; hence, you do not have an option but to be extra cautious and dedicated to the task of designing the best resume possible.

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