How to write a c-level executive resume?

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How to write a c level executive resume?

How to write a c level executive resume

Resume writing is sometimes not easy, even for CEO level professionals as they are in a dilemma in what to mention in the resume. And most of the time CEO/President/Senior Management professional will not have sufficient time to spend on writing their resume. This might be the reason for many job seekers to fail in fulfilling the expectations of the recruiters, as a result, they fail to get their desired job. Here are a few tips on how to write a c level executive resume; these tips can also be helpful to people who are in other categories.

Be updated:

Being updated not only in the content but also in the formatting and structuring of a resume is more important. This shows that you are in line with the technology and gives a good impact on your up-to-date technical knowledge to the recruiter.


The recommended length of a resume is 2 pages, but if you are from research or academic background you can extend the length to 3 pages as precise writing is not possible to compress the content (Eg: Journals, patents etc.). In either way, it can be a 2-page resume with addendum pages containing your publications, patents you hold, training & certification you have undergone, etc. This gives the clear picture of your career summary to the recruiter.

Skimming the Resume:

Most recruiters skim the resume of the job seekers as they get piles and piles of resumes at their desk. It’s our prime responsibility to grab the attention of the recruiter in the skimming process. We recommend the usage of apt keywords w.r.t the job you are applying for. Most of the recruiters use a keyword search to filter the resumes, so using a suitable keyword can make you go through that ATS phase with ease.

Placing the content:

Proper placing of the content plays a significant role in resume writing. The top one-fourth of the first page gains more attention as it is human nature to see through anything if it is at the beginning. So that part of the page should be covered with your profile summary or whatever you name it. This section contains the experience/ education summary, key job functions, Technical Concepts you excel and the General Managerial Skills.

Let your Accomplishments speak:

Generally, recruiters know the responsibilities and duties of the particular job you are applying by default. They search only the accomplishments and achievements you have made at the time of your previous employment. This shows the phenomenal progress in your career. Recruiters don’t expect the process/responsibilities of your job but the visible results you have made/achieved during your tenure. Accomplishments need not be only awards you have won but it can also be appreciations, recognition, career advancements and process improvement initiatives. All awards are achievements, but all achievements need not be awards. Accomplishments are the one that speaks for you, it is the unique part of your resume because your colleagues can replicate your responsibilities, but definitely not your achievements.

We hope this article covers well on How to write a c level executive resume. Email us or comment below if you have any questions. We feel glad to hear from you.

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