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How to use your e-resume

An e-resume, as has been explained in one our previous blog post “Importance of e-resume“, is an electronic version of the resume that is served on the internet to make it easily accessible to recruiters across the globe. In this post, we are going to see how to use your e-resume effectively. The fact that recruiters do not have the option to go through each resume in detail, they often use the ATS or Application Tracking System, that searches through these e-resumes and automatically selects the most appropriate ones by looking for specific keywords.

How to use your e-resume

Now, after you have become of what kind of importance an e-resume holds in a technologically advanced age such as this, it is equally crucial to know how you should use it so that it gets optimised and eventually selected by the automatic software. So let’s see how to use your e-resume. There are a few basic things which when followed rightly will land you in the recognition of any hiring company, of course, if your skills suit their requirements.

  1. Make sure that you mention your URL in the signature of the e-mail you are creating for your resume. This makes your website URL more visible and accessible by the recruiter
  2. Using an e-mail id that is domain-based, at all times, is reasonably beneficial because it will make people access and browse through your website, thereby getting a clear understanding of your accomplishments and qualifications
  3. Finally, make your blogs your ultimate selling point, fill them with as many relevant articles, i.e. pertaining to the profession as you can so that when people visit your website, they are instantly able to gauge how much knowledge you have on the subject that you have applied for as a job. You can share it on popular social sites like Facebook or even on LinkedIn, basically all the places where you know that prospective recruiters will be browsing.
  4. Presenting the e-resume in the technologically acceptable manner should be a priority
  • Create a single-page website and link it to the information you have regarding your achievements, which may be a write-up or a photograph or even a video.
  • For every different section of your resume, you could tailor a separate page; that is to say make dedicate pages for your experience, skills, achievements, educational qualifications, or any other speciality or training that is in sync with the job position offered. This helps in converging the focus of the reader of your resume to one point at a time and also to the exact place you want them to.
  • Your home page could be all that is present in the ‘profile summary’ section in the conventional text resume. It helps give an overview of who and what you are at the first instance to the reader.
  • Adding images related to any of the above sections is another way to give that edge to your e-resume.

A resume whether it is on paper as a ‘print’ or ‘text’ resume; or on the internet as an ‘e-resume’ should be treated equally vital and necessary steps ought to be taken to make it as appealing as you possibly can. Hope you understand how to use your e-resume. If, you do feel the need for guidance or assistance in creating resumes of any type following the international standards visit

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