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How To Use Linkedin To Get A JobHow To Use Linkedin To Get A Job

LinkedIn is not just a great tool in your job search; it has attained the position of being a mandate when it comes to looking for a job. It is a sure way of being identified and recognised by prospective employers and approaching them on a personal level simultaneously. But it is essential to know how to use LinkedIn to get a job.

This professional job hunting apparatus is a two-way road; it works equally effectively for a potential employer and an employee, both. A recruiter gets the platform to post about availability of jobs at his/her organisation or even connect with a candidate who seems to be suitable for the position being offered by going through the latter’s profile. On the other hand, a job seeker puts him/herself out there openly through the look and arrangement of his profile; he/she even has the scope to get in touch with any recruiter they feel inclined towards. So, whether you are a hiring manager or a person looking for a job, LinkedIn is your answer. And here are the ways, you can optimise your profile on this site to get a job.

  1. Complete and Update your profile: first things first, you have to give to others the latest version of yourself and hence, your act is to keep your profile updated at all times. There are chances that your recent addition to the profile could become the winning stroke for you and get identified by a recruiter. Consider this to be at par in importance with your resume and treat it accordingly. Your current skills, experiences, nothing that is of relevance to the industry of job you are aiming at ought to be left out. But that does not mean, this is the only way in which you use LinkedIn to get a job.
  2. Use your headline as your brand: the headline that you use just below your name is going to be the real eye catcher, for any reader who has started browsing through your profile. Make it something that hits hard and allures the visitor to go ahead and explore your professional abilities and achievements.
  3. Hone your networking skills: get the 1st-degree connections rolling, you need more of them, they are your entry into the recruiter’s office. Look out for alumni associations of your university and start interacting with them; they serve as endorsement providers – a much-needed thing for authentication of the skills you have mentioned. You could even land up knowing someone in the organisation you so much desire to work in, that makes a great move in the hunt for a job. As a matter of fact, your visibility is immensely aided with networking, as you increase appearing on the contacts of individuals, an increased number of recruiters get to know you. Make use of the ‘Colleagues’ option on LinkedIn and establish or re-establish your links with current and past co-workers. Turn yourself into a spider and start spinning on that web to catch more and more insects!
  4. Explore the Advanced Search: enough of playing subtly, take the game a notch higher and aim directly at the company you wish to work for. Type in the name of that business entity and conduct your search, see for yourself how many of your contacts are associated with this company. Make a list of the names of these people and approach them either to give you an introduction or to inquire about the company ethics. A referral acts as a great accelerator in the process of job search, and according to experts, this is one of the best ways to use LinkedIn to get a job.
  5. Ensure to fill out the ‘Career Interests’ completely: this will help the recruiters know what exactly is the status of your hunt for a job. They have to know what kind of job you are interested in, whether you are currently employed or not, whether you are employed and yet open to offers, or not open to offers at all. It brings clarity for the recruiters who largely harbour on LinkedIn for hiring any adept employee.
  6. Follow the trails of the companies you want to work with: another superb way to use LinkedIn to get a job is to go through the LinkedIn company profiles. You get all the information about that organisation making it easier for you to decide if you still want to pursue a career with them. Job positions, new hires, company statistics, their projects – present, past and future, their work culture, work ethics, company goals, etc. Everything that you would like to know as an interested candidate to join them is available on their profile. This further equips with enough knowledge about the company that you can use as a card if you ever land an interview with the same. It works wonders to impress any employer, as it reveals your inclination to keep track of the company’s whereabouts.
  7. Join the groups: you may not always have a point of reference from someone, in that case, you will have to look out for other means. Look out for groups the employer has joined and become a part of it, actively and regularly participating in conversations and showcasing of skills by uploading videos of the same. Therefore, browse through those groups in the industry that you are interested in and see if you can find the right place to work.
  8. Be there: staying dormant is not one of the recommended ways to use LinkedIn to get a job; if you want to be seen and known you have to get out there and let people know that you are present. Being actively present on LinkedIn is your key to achieve this, and as they say, ‘don’t be a flower on the wall.’
  9. Turn on the job notifications alert: since you have the option why not use it? Thus, turn on the notification, so that every time there is a job available as per your requirements, you are instantly notified.
  10. Test the time: to be an active participant on LinkedIn; you should be able to gauge the time of maximum activity and interaction on this professional podium. Try out different times of the day and take note of the hour when most repartee takes place and plan your actions accordingly. However, make sure you do not indulge in any conversation just for the sake of it; do so only if you have some knowledge of the subject.

Liking, commenting and sharing on LinkedIn, just like you do on other social sites will also help you immensely in making your online presence felt effective. And finally, remember the more you socialise, the closer you are to your dream job.

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