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How to Turn a Temp Job Into a Full-Time Positiontemp job into a full-time position

A new trend in the hiring processes of companies is to recruit temporary workers, better known as ‘temps’. There are a good many reasons for the company to function thus, but one outstanding reason is perhaps to ‘look before you buy’. In temporary recruitment, there are high chances that the recruiters are going to keep a close eye on how you work, and based on that, later offer you a permanent place in the company. But you being an employee too need to know how you can turn this temp job into a full-time position.

This way of dealing with the recruitment is beneficial for both the recruiter as well as the recruited; while the former is out there watching you with a hawk’s eye, you too get an opportunity to be an insider of the company and understand whether it matches your work ethics or not. Because after all being satisfied with the place of work and the way of work is very influential to the optimal productivity of an individual. So, use this time to your advantage by following the below-mentioned strategies.

  1. Don’t consider it to be a temp job – your attitude is what defines your input for any work all the time, the moment you believe this to be a temp job you will not put in your 100%. So, the best way is to forget that and consider this as a permanent job; you will surely notice the change in your working as well. Your enthusiasm, sincerity and dedication to any given work despite being a ‘temp’ will invariably get seen by the hiring company; and they will be able to gauge your commitment level.
  2. Relate to the co-workers – just because it is not a permanent job doesn’t mean you keep your distance from the other employees. Mix around with your colleagues and try to blend in, this has a dual effect. One that you get a better understanding of the way the company runs and two, the permanent employees may draw the attention of the company owners to you by speaking in favour of you. The more you interact with others around you, the more they get to know you and your style of performing a task, and gradually very silently, you pitch for yourself. This is the subtlest way to turn temp job into a full-time position.
  3. Maintain a balance in your performance – while I would not suggest to get over enthusiastic and try to show off your skills all the time, in the bid to draw attention. At the same time, I would suggest that be there and do what is required; you can go overboard and take initiatives, but only a little. Be moderate in exhibiting yourself – don’t be too active but then don’t be dormant as well. Being hyper excited may cause you to make mistakes, hence being smart is more advisable than being over-smart. Similarly, just restricting yourself to the task assigned to you does not send out positive vibes either, so if you think you have finished your work perfectly, before time, you can offer to help others who have not yet completed theirs. This might help you win friends as well.
  4. Keep an eye on soft skills – being skilled in the work allotted to you is undoubtedly good, but the soft skills too play a significant role in defining you as an employee. Therefore, ignoring them is not a good idea. Observe closely the way you behave with everyone, be punctual, show respect and above all let your professionalism be seen in your attitude. Make yourself invincible to the company; it should be your motto to become someone who the company wants to keep as a permanent employee, thus enabling you to turn your temp job into a full-time position.
  5. Convey your intentions – towards the end of the temporary period, you can openly express your intentions to the hiring company and reveal your interest in joining them as a full-time employee. There is nothing to feel shy about it.

Having done all of the above, you have one last thing left to do – be patient. Waiting with patience for a favourable response from the company is your only resort at the end. I would recommend that going outright and enquiring whether you are being considered for a permanent position, should not be the way you conduct yourself. Instead, hold your peace and await the moment.

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