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How to succeed in an internal interview

How to succeed in an internal interviewAn interview need not necessarily only be about changing a job from one workplace to another; it can be conducted to change the position of an existing employee from one role to another. This is when it is known as an ‘internal interview.’ An internal interview is, thus, the interview of an individual in an organization that he/she is already employed in. Though there are certain advantages to this, yet an interview is always the cause of nervousness. It is therefore helpful if you know how to succeed at an internal interview, and that is precisely what you will get in this blog.

The majority of the organization owners prefer recruiting employees to other roles, who are already working with them. The primary reason for this is the familiarity of the employee with the functioning, the ethics, and the operations of the company. It thus cuts down on the time investment is introducing the employee to these things and giving him/her the time to try and merge with the environment. So, you see that you are already on a preferential level over candidates from outside.

Also, this is a great way to attain lateral movement or even to take up an entirely new role; in fact, this change would be far more comfortable for you rather than taking up a new job at an entirely new premise. Hence, if you are thinking of making that move, be smart and taking hints from this write-up, prepare yourself accordingly, and emerge victorious in your venture.

One of the foremost crucial things for you to keep in mind is this is not something that you should discuss with the colleagues, for it is most likely you are competing with your co-workers. You may share everything else you want with them, but in this case, you have to be absolutely professional if you want to know how to succeed in an internal interview.

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It is because of the comfort level of already being associated with the company that apparently it may seem to be less stressful, but ‘an interview is an interview,’ no matter where you give it and to whoever you give it. The right approach is the key tool when appearing for an interview, and this really is irrespective of whether you already belong to the organization or not.

  1. Confidence– For some of you, the confidence levels may be hitting the ceiling, but that is a mistake and a black hole for an internal interview. It is okay to be confident about yourself, but you should not be overconfident of getting selected for the role, just because you are a current employee. If you look at it otherwise, it is known to the company could be a disadvantage in itself. Why? Because they already know your weaknesses and strengths, so there is nothing you can play up with; they know what you are capable of and hence, do not even try to put up a façade. So, keep your confidence at the place it ought to be, and that brings me to the next point.
  2. Talk before applying– this talking is not to your colleagues but to your present boss. Let him/her know you are interested in changing roles. You have to be extremely careful with the reason that you give since you should realize that whatever the fate of your interview, you will continue to work in the place, and therefore, there is no way that you can burn bridges. Ask for permission other than stating that you want to switch positions, and make sure that you do it before anyone else reports it to your boss. This was the reason I have mentioned earlier that you do not speak to your colleagues regarding this.
  3. Prepare well – it does not matter even if you know the company, you have to do your homework. You may not always be aware of the recent updates of the company, so gear up and use your resources of acquaintances within the workplace. Interview various people at the organization before you appear for your interview, get to know of the latest alterations and additions in the functioning, with particular reference to the department where you are planning to shift. Try and get an insight into the responsibilities of the role you are targeting and what the authorities expect of one recruited in that position. This helps you by both giving you a clear picture of what you are in and also the information you need to impress your boss. Remember being an insider is your advantage to other external competitors, so use to the best of your ability.
  4. Know your grounds– while you do enjoy the benefit of being a present employee, you need to have knowledge of your reputation within the company. In case you may have had any professional blemishes of the past, this would be your chance to clear it out. Also, since they know you, so long they were acquainted with only those specific skills of yours which were relevant to the then position. But now that you are planning to move onto a new role, you have to take time to establish yourself as a person with the currently required skills as well. Hence, it is always better to know how the recruiters perceive you before you face the interviewers.
  5. Consider it as your first interview– no interview is different from the other, so if even this seems to be in your comfort zone, you better treat as your first time. Only when you think this way that you will be able to put in your 100% into making preparations for it. Just like you practiced your answers or decided what you would wear to the make the deal, similarly, you will have to do it yet again, and this is a guaranteed technique as to how to succeed at an internal interview.
  6. Follow up– when you have done your bit, made it to the interview room, answered to their questions; you still have one more thing to do, and that is to follow up with the company owners. A thank you note is the perfect way to do so; through this, you do not just express gratitude for giving you the opportunity but also emphasize your interest to take up the position.

I hope by now, it is clear that, be it an external interview or an internal interview, you need to approach with the same intensity, interest, and enthusiasm. Make proper utilization of the advantage of already being associated with the organization as well as being on the preference list of the recruiters. However, be wary of being overconfident and never think that you will surely get the role just because you are presently employed with them. Let every interview be like your first interview. All the best!

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