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How to Showcase Your Soft Skills on a Resume

soft skills on a resume

Recruiters these days have changed their preferences while shortlisting candidates for a particular job, in addition to the qualification and technical skills, they are becoming more focused on soft skills. If in the recent past you have given your resume at several places and wondered why you had not received any response, well its answer is, you have failed to showcase your soft skills on a resume.

I agree composing an attractive resume may be a daunting task, but if you concentrate on the things that the applicant tracking system as well the recruiters will be drawn towards, then you know exactly what to include and how to include it in the resume. (Click here to know more about how to write a perfect resume)

Though in most cases these days the ATS is responsible for the initial selection of prospective employees, yet towards the end, a resume does reach the hands of a human and that is where you have to know how to impress the hirer with your soft skills. As a matter of fact, there are specific soft skills that the recruiters look for, but the addendum in being successfully able to highlight those soft skills on a resume is to back them up with real-time experiences.

You could compile a list of skills such as ‘fast learner’ or ‘team player’, but that will not create the impact that you want it to, because it lacks substance. The experiences that you had in the past where you put those soft skills to use and got back spectacular results is what they want to know. Giving examples of your achievements is the trick that will get you noticed.

One of the soft skill in demand is Communication, now instead of just mentioning the word, substantiate it by a one-liner such as, “conduct seminars on new marketing every month to a group of more than 20 employees”. See how the recruiter will immediately get an idea of efficient you are in explaining things to big groups and therefore communicating your thoughts while working with them will not be a problem.

If you claim that you are a Team Player, then add with it “led a campaign to launch a new product with a team of 10 people” or “assisted two new employees to know the prevalent work culture and values of our company”. When the soft skill you are mentioning is Critical Thinking, your one-liner should be something like “Analyzed reports and ongoing market trends and recommended improvisations in the marketing techniques”.

The bottom line about how to attach emphasis to the soft skills on a resume is to avoid making them boring. Merely listing the soft skills, is not cool any longer, it’s just a way to sell yourself short! Recruiters now want to see how you effectively use your soft skills; they don’t prefer taking guesses in their minds, of the ways in which you may have put your soft skills to use, to the advantage of the company you worked in. So, pep things up and make yourself most desired by the recruiters.

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