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How to stand out in a job search by showing how unique you are

stand out in a job searchTo quote Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players…”. This means that there is a sea of participants, and if you wish to make your life successful, you have got to do something unique. To leave a mark on this stage, so that people remember the character you played, you need to know how to do things differently even though the activity may be the same for all players. These words of Shakespeare stands more true to one’s career, the rising competition of the day has made it almost pertinent that you show why and how you stand out in a job search.

Doing the typical thing that everyone does is very easy, but when it comes to proving your worth because you bring something else to the table is a challenge. Winning an employer requires you to go that extra mile, and if you thought it was enough to give it your 100%, I hate to burst your bubble and to say that it is not sufficient. You have no choice but to device ways and means that you will put your name among the selected candidates. How will you go about that? Here’s how…..

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  1. Get some referrals – there is no excitement in doing the norm; I think the adrenalin rush comes in when you do things that are not normal — for instance, going through the back door. What’s that? Well, unlike all others who put in their application and wait for a reply from the organization; why don’t you harbor on LinkedIn or similar things where you can get in direct contact with people who actually work at the organization. Also known as a recommendation, this is by far one of the most effective ways of drawing attention to yourself; because when other people pitch for you, the recruiters are forced to take a look at you. This is a sure-shot way of getting noticed even before you apply.
  2. Build a reputation – I agree it’s not an easy task, but it is not impossible when you are adept with the skill of networking. You have to learn to establish yourself as an individual who is successful and knows the job at the back of his hand. So, post pictures and videos of your success stories and let people know how you function as a professional.
  3. Showcase your accomplishments – when you have the provision of making your presence felt to a recruiter via LinkedIn or any other social media platform, why not make use of it. This is a great tactic to stand out in a job search. Samples of projects you have done in the past become a strengthening aspect of your online profile. And if you happen to have something that is directly relevant to the job description, that is even better. For example, if you are applying for a position in the health care industry, try and fill your profile with videos or photographs relevant to the job profile.
  4. Target employers – this is a foolproof way to skip the queue; find out companies that are likely to hire someone like with the help of online resources or networking. In this way, you already become acquainted with the company, and they are more likely to get in touch with you whenever they have a suitable opening.
  5. Research – once you know the companies you wish to head towards doing your research is absolutely mandatory. It helps dually – one, you are prepared with all sorts of information about the company and are equipped with knowledge that you can exhibit at an interview. Two, you can clearly comprehend whether or not it is the right choice for you. And if you wish to add an edge to that, here’s what you could do. Go into an interview with a plan prepared in advance of what you want to do within the first month or even the first six months at the open position. There is no way any employer can ignore something like that; your aim ought to be to make them yearn to hire you. Make them realize that you are absolutely ready to take the job immediately.
  6. Count your soft skills – while technical skills are rudimentary to any job position, soft skills have become the current preference of all recruiters. So cite incidents and episodes from the past where you have exercised your resilience and other soft skills that have helped you bounce back from tricky situations.
  7. Show that you are ready to grow – employers are always looking for someone who is prepared to accommodate changes and has an urge to grow. When you convince them that you are open to newness for the good of the company, then you can be sure that you are on the right track, and that’s how you can stand out in a job search.
  8. Let your resume talk – at the preliminary level of your job hunt, your concentration ought to be on how to customize your resume in the best possible way. Do not have a resume that functions as a template, where you only keep changing the facts and figures. Instead, all job positions should be applied in with a different resume content, and this is particularly crucial in the present times, owing to the presence of the ATS (applicant Tracking System). Also, the cover letter needs to drafted along the same lines; nothing should seem mundane and already seen.

If you have done the above said, then you are on safe and strong grounds; however, if you haven’t yet, then get going and start doing them. You will be surprised to see the position you have been eyeing for so long, is now actually what you are employed as. These means make the going easier for every individual, where even the most minute exception makes a world of difference.

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