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How To Rebuild Your Reputation At Workrebuild your reputation at work

We all know that to err is human; sure, there are instances when the error becomes too much to handle and causes quite an ugly consequence. But that does not denote that everything is lost and there can be no reconciliation. As a matter of fact, you do not have an option but to make every effort to rebuild your reputation at work; lest it hampers not merely your respect as an employee but also your future job opportunities. Some of the ways how you can fix the damage:

  1. Say sorry: since school days, you must have learnt the three magic words – Please, Thank You and Sorry. They definitely have their own magic that works at the instant they are uttered. It would not harm you a wee bit to accept your mistake and apologise for it. Humility is one of the key soft skills an employee ought to inculcate, for you do not know how many types of people you will have to work with and what their temperaments are going to be. Being adamant only increases your miseries and difficulties. Hence, the moment you realise that you have made a mistake, your first action should always be to say sorry. You may not be able to revert the situation, but it will surely act as a balm to the bruised part. Making excuses should not be among your cards; instead of handling the situation, it only increases the complications and negativity.
  2. Actions speak louder than words: after you have apologised, it is time to mend the situation not orally, but practically. If you have missed out on important deadlines, take this opportunity to discuss with your boss, how you plan to get the project done and within what time frame, so that the losses that would be incurred is minimised. Show everyone that you have learnt your lesson from your mistake by improvising your behaviour on the exact same situation.
  3. Be available to help: the process to rebuild your reputation at work entails dedication of time; apart from doing your own bit, you can offer to help others and spend some extra hours at work. While it does not take time to become negative towards an individual, again when the same person is visibly making efforts to reconcile, it is tough to avoid such a person. The work that you offer help with may not be something you know properly, or regularly do, yet that should not stop you from going ahead and being generous with your time.
  4. Strive towards excellence as an employee: reform your ways as an employee and show people how you can change for the better by-
  5. Changing your attitude – if you have been haughty so far, then it is time to mellow down.
  6. Reach office earlier – if you have been going to work so long just at the nick of time, make changes and reach your office at least 10-15 minutes earlier. It gives a positive impression to your boss as well as colleagues. Reaching early gives you time to relax and freshen up before you hit the work table for the day and start your work with a calm mind.
  7. Make a priority list – you also get enough time to plan ahead what are the tasks you would perform throughout the day; you could set targets for yourself each day too. When you have a to-do list in front, you don’t feel lost once one task is done; you immediately know what your next task is and work accordingly. You could make this list for the entire week or month also, whatever suits you best to bring out the best employee out of you.
  8. Hit your targets – make sure to meet the deadlines that you have set for yourself, in case there is some work that you are not able to finish at the workplace, dedicate some extra working time at home and ensure the completion of the task by any means. Take breathers if necessary but do not lose sight of your target and push forward.
  9. Go an extra mile – redeeming yourself is not going to be easy, if you really want to get back the good name that you once had, you have to do beyond what you are asked to do. For example, if you have been asked to make a list of suitable venues for a meeting, do not just make a list, take a step more and call up the venues to check for the availabilities on the particular dates. When you hand out the list, mention the availability status, beside each venue. It will not be hard for your employer or other co-workers to discern how intently you are trying to become a better professional person.
  10. Make amends Online: It won’t be enough if you show your new revised self at the office alone, you have to make alterations on your online image as well if you are a popular figure. Sometimes the glitch may be of a giant nature, and you may be a person of great repute, in that case, you have to do all it takes. And because social media has become a sort of alter personality for every individual, you need to take care of that area without fail. Type your name on Google and check for the information that is related with you last, if there is anything negative, device means to rectify those. Additionally set up Google alerts so that you are informed every time there is some post about you. Go ahead and lodge complaints with Google to make amends in the news. Alternatively, create a page for yourself and put forward your view and clear the air. And finally, if you think this is too much for you to handle on your own, hire a reputation manager and seek his/her help.

Breaking something is very easy in comparison to building something and thus, in order to rebuild your reputation at work, you will have to be prepared to put in a lot of hard work. However, remember, it is  “Better late than Never”!

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