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How to Put Temp Work on a Resume

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How to Put Temp Work on a Resume

How to Put Temp Work on a ResumeTemp work or a temporary job is very rampant; numerous reasons cause an individual to take up such a job. It is in fact, a significant move in one’s professional life. However, most people find it difficult to express why they did so; they find it really tough to explain their temp work on a resume.

Previously recruiters were not very inclined towards hiring a candidate who keeps jumping ships; this is what makes it difficult to rest the case of the applicant. However, situations have changed, and now, there are several employers in specific industries, who give credit to such applicants. Thus, thinking to avoid mentioning it in your resume is not a wise step; trust me, this is the right way to adds value to your personality. Not listing the temp on your resume works contrarily, because when you do skip that, you are actually highlighting career gaps for yourself, which is a worse situation. Taking up several temp jobs at least represents you as a person who wants to do something or the other; a career gap, on the other hand, clearly indicates that you have not been committed to your career, even if it was for a short time. Hence, it is best that you list the temp works in the resume.

Maintain the reverse chronological order while listing the temp work on a resume, so that the latest job done appears first. No matter how short a span of time you may have worked as a temp, add it to your ‘Work History’ list. If your temp job is not relevant then include it under your extramural experience section.

Mentioning the name of every recruiter is the next thing that has to be done with care; many a time the candidate fails to write the correct name of the temp employee hiring company. The temp job recruiting agencies to provide these temp employers to various needy organisations, the employee preparing the resume, should include the names of both- the recruiting agency and the organisation they were working employed in.

Talk about the job profiles in each job; do not go into too many details but very briefly, in just a line mention what function you had in a particular position.

Highlight your achievements just the way you do in the resume when listing the experiences you have had in the past. It does not have to be very detailed; 2-3 lines narrating what your accomplishments were, in every role you performed, should be enough to impress your potential recruiter. Here, add the skills you have acquired from working in these interim jobs. Don’t forget to quantify them because hiring managers are no longer content to ‘know’ they want to ‘see’ what all you achieved. So, give them the numbers – the rise in sales percentage, number of team members you lead, etc..

Finally, I would like to say, be proud that you have been a temp, it has added a star to your crown of glory; so hesitate no longer to put the temp work on a resume.

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