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How to Put Self-Employed on a Resumeput self-employed on a resume

It is not very uncommon for people to begin a startup and then not be able to continue with it for a long time. Various reasons such as domestic issues or personal health issues could have triggered the failure of a business venture that led to the ultimate shut down of the same entirely. Thus their only resort – a ‘9 to 5 grind’. What bothers such job seekers, however, is how to put self-employed on a resume? Some even wonder if you should at all include have been ‘self-employed’ in the resume at all.

The answer is yes, you should include your experience as a ‘self-employed’ person in the resume, but by using the functional resume format as opposed to the chronological one and by keeping in mind these following criteria.

  1. Use an appropriate title: the first rule of how you should put self-employed on a resume is not to use the word ‘self-employed’ as your title. Selecting the right kind of title gives an immediate idea to a recruiter to the kind of work you were handling. Use titles that clearly state your role; for example, use a graphic designer, consultant or writer instead of freelancer, to make your work profile vivid to the employer instantly. The title should speak about your functionality as the owner of a business and not shout out ownership designations.
  2. Let your achievements speak: while mentioning the tasks you performed is worth the while, talking about your accomplishments add greater value to your resume, in this case. You may have ‘created a website’, that was your task, but you need to elaborate on what effect this website had on the market and how it brought about any kind of change. Numbers are always an excellent tool to establish your achievements; give them the statistics that were attained with your contribution to a particular role. This is a good way of adding credibility to your accomplishments and increase the chances of you being hired.
  3. Avoid feeling sorry: it is absolutely okay to have not succeeded as business personnel, you do not have to be apologetic for it. The need, to be honest, is more vital than feeling sorry that you failed to make a mark as a ‘self-employed’ person. On the contrary, boost your confidence by showing your enthusiasm in your objective statement. Put down your ambitions and interests and show the kind of positive effect your experiences and skills will have when you join the particular organisation.
  4. Add references: you must have worked with numerous people while in business, make fruitful use of those connections. Ask these contacts to give referrals; nonetheless, ensure that you are not forcing these people for the same. See to it that they are happily giving your reviews, it conveys a more genuine approach to the reference. Another critical point to remember is that there are no discrepancies in the incident of your reference; both you and your mate who has given you the review can discuss beforehand what he/she would be writing so that story doesn’t get distorted in any way.

Making a handicap in your life an excuse for not being able to excel is ridiculous; so, though you have had to step down from a self-made career, never waste time brooding and sulking over it. Instead, make the best of the knowledge you have gathered from the industry and make amends to suit them to the requirements of an organisation. I hope you no longer have any doubts left on whether you should put self-employed on a resume or not.

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