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How to Pass ATS & move your resume to human hands? [Secret Behind ATS Compatible Resume]ats compatible resume

Many organizations rely on the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to pre-filter resumes. The ATS works by scanning resumes for mathematical scoring, relevant key phrases, contextual keywords, and filtering only the most qualified resumes for human review. Therefore, this saves the Recruitment Manager’s time of reviewing through insignificant, underdeveloped, and weak resumes to find the suitable candidates. In simple words, your application will not pass the ATS, if you don’t format your resume and include the exact keywords, the hiring manager looking for.

Use Simple Resume Format (Only Text Resume)

As ATS requires simplicity and cold conformity, you ought to highlight your skills or individuality in your resume. Therefore, you need to delete any extra touches including large tables with extensive contents, graphical contents added to your resumes such as logos, pictures, symbols, and colour shades. Also, use the standard resume format & recommended fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman – the ATS will not read fancy fonts like Algerian, Jokerman, etc., which will lead to rejection

Include the general sections of a resume like Profile Summary, Professional Experience, Education details, Skills, Accolades, and alike. Adding rare vocabularies like astute, orchestrate, amalgamate etc. are not recommended. Instead, you can use simple words that would help you trounce the ATS

Finally, upload the resume in the job portals as plain text or in word format. ATS cannot crawl the whole content in PDF. So there are chances of rejection. But plain text or word format can easily pass through it.

Pin the exact keywords (This is dynamic)

For any profession, there’s always job responsibilities, languages known, software used, basic skills, and training or certifications associated with the job that the ATS will be focusing on crawling exact key phrases and general information based on your qualification.

Use these tips:

Include phrases and skills in the job description on your resume. These are very likely to be the similar keywords and phrases the hiring manager has programmed the ATS to pick up, for example, “project manager,” “operations manager,” or “digital marketing.”

Use acronym and the full form of any titles, certifications, or organization name, so you are through the format of what ATS is looking for. For example, Certified Authorization Professional (CAP)

Type of resume that ATS accepts

Reverse Chronological type of resume is the perfect ATS compatible resume. In this type, your educational details and work experience will be mentioned starting from recent to the earliest. This resume format helps the ATS to import the complete content in your resume which is easy for the recruiter to know you.

Spell and Grammar Check

Spelling mistakes are the greatest drawback of your resume. A human being can guess what you mean, but an ATS will terminate you immediately because it will not have any idea what you mean to say and what you talk about.

Double-check your resume before sending. You may also use a few software’s like Grammarly and Ginger to check for spellings and grammatical errors. Spelling mistake must be avoided as ATS will not recognize. Once your resume passes through the ATS, then it will be scrutinized by a human. The good news is that all the advice for optimizing your resume for ATS is simply a good resume practice.

Hope the article “The Secret Behind the ATS Compatible Resume” is useful. Kindly comment below if you have any queries related to the topic. Contact us if you want our consultants to make an international standard resume than will pass ATS 100%.

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