How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile? and Why?

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How to optimise your LinkedIn Profile? and Why?

How to optimise your LinkedIn Profile?

The LinkedIn site has become an impressive tool for both employers and job seekers. Starting with your LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization, which predominantly increases the profile view.

How to optimise your LinkedIn Profile for Search Engine?

Customize your profile URL

Use your First Name and Last name to have better visibility. If it already has the same, then try to include your Middle initial or name too.

Identifying keywords

Based on your desired job, make a list of common words used in that field or industry. Take a chance to find the exact keyword that suits the industry. Choose buzzwords and popular terms that exactly suits your desired industry. Identifying those keywords will help you get maximum profile views. For example, if you have a keyword as Insurance and you’re into that domain particularly, your profile will be visible each time an individual check for any relevant word in google and other websites (say an individual check for insurance job responsibilities). This will gain maximum profile visibility and connection.

Upload profile photo

In the digital era, your profile picture creates an impression to the recruiter viewing your profile. Use a high-resolution profile picture with a clear and simple background (simply plain background). Avoid uploading a selfie photo and try not being unprofessional. Use a professional picture to show the recruiter that you’re professionally a good-looking personality.

Strategic Content

Narrate a comprehensive story about your profile which includes your knowledge, and your career history. Incorporate the exact and relevant keywords into your previous job description, accomplishments, specific skills including training and certifications, and informative description about you as much as possible. Grab special attention using keywords in the Job titles, to optimize and gain high profile views.

Recommendations and Endorsements

You can get recommendations and endorsements by reaching out to previous office colleagues, academic staffs, clients and school friends. Also, use the search feature option to search people with same job role of yours or to your desired job role. You could also synchronize your email contacts and phone contacts to grow your LinkedIn network. If you have other social media sites like a website, Skype, and blog posts, you can link to your LinkedIn profile to get maximum views to your account. You can also ask your friends to endorse the skills you added. It’s recommended to have a minimum of 3 endorsements for each skill you add to your profile.

Completing your Profile

Complete your profile 100% by filling in the required fields. The maximum fields you’ve filled is the maximum views you get to your profile.

Upload Samples

Upload videos/presentations/publications of yours you did during your tenure in job experience. Also upload general facts, videos related to the latest technologies in your desired job sector, and new innovations to get more visitors to your profile.

Expand your Network

Expand your network by connecting with people globally related to your current job profile and desired job role. Make a connection to know about latest updates in your job sector. Knowing this will show your uniqueness among other job seekers.

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