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How to Negotiate Your Salary at Your Current Job

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How to Negotiate Your Salary at Your Current Jobnegotiate your salary

The last thing you would want as an employee is to be underpaid, and the person responsible make sure that you are not, is you. The Holy Bible says, “ask and you shall receive”, so now you know where to begin, therefore quit sitting idle and sulking that your salary is not as much as you ought to be paid, plan and attack!

I hope you did not take that literally? On a serious note, just as you would plan your resume before presenting it to a recruiter, similarly, before you actually go to negotiate your salary, you have to have a well thought of plan.

Tips to negotiate your salary

In the first place, you need to conduct an introspection, taking into consideration what your worth is. When you know exactly what you are, you are always in a better position to show that to others. There are few questions which when you answer helps to understand if you are on the right track, such as whether you have been employed at the current position for more than six months. Ask yourself if you have been able to make a marked difference in the working of your company by going beyond what you had been delegated with. If you notice all the answers to be positive, then you can be sure that you need a raise.

Get information on what kind of pay is a person of approximately your position receiving in other companies, and compare it with yourself. You could also look at various advertisements for vacancies at your post and see how much the companies are willing to offer. This acts as your own little research on the market trends; you could make a note of this and even take it as a supporting document when you meet your boss in person to talk about this.

Now, your only way of successfully getting your due worth is to have a face to face conversation with your immediate boss, or the person in charge. For this, you have to follow certain etiquette. Never suddenly burst into your boss’s room and bombard him with your intention; instead, you need to schedule your meeting. In fact, I am sure you must be knowing your boss well by this time, hence try and schedule it at a time when the boss is usually in a good mood. Trust me it makes the going easier.

Confidence is the primary key to this crucial encounter with your boss; there are no two ways about you having to be prepared to stand your grounds even when you feel cornered. Your words along with your body language will reflect the confidence you carry, and you need to pay close attention to these. Sit upright, be firm in what you say, avoid fumbling, you cannot afford to appear nervous, that will give your boss the upper hand and may be you will end up being convinced that you are getting as much as you deserve.

There is, however, a very thin line between being confident and being arrogant and rude; you have to know the difference. You can in no way exhibit harsh and confrontational behaviour when you are there to request for an appraisal. Along with this remember never to compare yourself with your colleagues or citing their situations as examples. I hope you have not forgotten how your teacher used to scold you for comparing your paper with some other classmate with regard to the marks given. The same applies here as well- no comparison is entertained. Instead, speak with confidence and proof as to how you are an asset to the company and why you deserve an increase in pay which is why you are here to negotiate your salary. Take care further no to show that you are in need of money and make it the apparent reason for this claim of yours. Emotions have no place in the corporate world, making it pertinent for you to understand that in case of a negative answer you have to be prepared to take it. Do not become emotional and lose your cool; on the contrary, you ought to be prepared to leave the job if you have to.

Nonetheless, I would say to you here that going with a pessimistic attitude will certainly not bring you any good. If necessary, you should practice with someone, as to how you would approach your boss; as a matter of fact, you could take any one of your colleague (someone with who you are comfortable) into confidence, tell him/her what you intend to say to your boss. Perform a dummy meeting with that colleague and ask him/her to be unbiased and give you a general response as would be expected of your boss. In this way, you will be thoroughly prepared with the encounter.

Finally, I would suggest, positivity is the key to approach your boss once you have decided that you want to negotiate your salary.

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