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how to make good impression on phone

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How to Make Good Impression on Phone?how to make good impression on phone

Phone interviews matter a lot in getting you a job. It doesn’t matter that employer cannot see you but still during a phone interview, he can pick cues of your behaviour So, it is very important to make a good impression on the phone during the interview. Generally, the companies sort out the candidates via pre-screening calls and phone interview. When you receive a call for the phone interview, it is good that you made through the first step. But still, there are lots of things that must be taken care of. Keep in mind that there is a significant difference in one to one face interview and phone interview. Do not be confused that when the interviewer cannot see you, then how to make a good impression. How will he pick the body language and facial cues? Still, there are certain ways by which he can read you on the phone too. Let us see how to make good impression on phone.

Identify yourself during answering the call

You will already know the schedule of the phone interview, so make sure that when you get the call, you pick it up. It is a general phenomenon that, at the scheduled timings, the employers will call you. Don’t act like you don’t know about who is calling you. It will not sound good as it shows that you are not prepared for the call. So, always set the tone professionally and confidently. Give your introduction just by saying your name like Hi, myself is XYZ. (Don’t say “This is XYZ”)

Since it wills the only way to make the first impression as you are not physically present in front of the interviewer, don’t lose the chance. Answer the call with confidence. A brief and effective introduction will give you a good start.


When you are speaking on the phone, then obviously, the other person can see your smile but surely they can hear it. Just borrow a small trick from the customer care centres and place a mirror nearby that will remind you to always smile while you are speaking to the company’s representative. It will inject the enthusiasm in your way of speaking and tone. It is the only by which interviewer can take cues as there is no other method of guessing about you. No other body language can be judged by the interviewer on the phone, so, smile holds a very important part.

Clear and concise

Phone interviews are hard as you are not able to see the body language of the interviewer. So, it means, you cannot read it. Therefore, it is very important to be clear about what you are saying. Concise on your points and do not get confused.

Let the interviewer finish first

Do not cut the conversation in between when the interviewer is speaking. Avoid cutting him off. Be patient to answer the questions. So, let the interviewer finish the sentence first, then you should start answering.

Hope you are aware of how to make a good impression on the phone. These are some simple things which must be taken care of to make your first impression marks good. All these points will never disappoint you. They will help you a lot in getting success over the phone interviews.

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