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How to Handle Salary Questions in Interview

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How to Handle Salary Questions in Interview?handle salary questions

One of the most consequential questions of an interview is “What are your salary expectations?”; this, though may be a good sign indicating that the hiring company is to some extent considering in hiring you, it might as well turn out to be that they are tiring to feel your pulse. In a nutshell, it is a tricky question, which if not answered to the best of your ability, could land you without a job. Therefore, being well prepared on how to handle salary questions, while seeking a job, is pertinent.

It is the universal truth that we all work to be able to sustain ourselves and our family, and if we do not get the proper worth of the labour we out in, then what good is it? Though this is the situation yet, that is not something that you can blatantly exhibit to the recruiter, as it often gives the impression that the devotion of a person with such thought process being hired, will not be optimal. Exercising caution, thus, in the statements you make when attempting to answer salary related questions, becomes crucial.

What you should know is the reason why recruiters ask this sort of a question in the first place. There are two possibilities. One, they are tiring to figure out if they have enough funds to hire you; and two, they want to test you to check the kind of value you attach to your work. This is where you need to play it smart. Suggested below are some things you could choose to say when attempting to handle salary questions.

Don’t sell yourself short

When asked the direct question of your salary expectations, the recruiters are constantly on the lookout for points to challenge you with, so show your prudence and praise yourself by saying that you are confident about yourself and are sure that the company is going to pay you as per you deserve. This displays your tactical behaviour making you a desirable candidate for the company.

Give them a range

Don’t give away numbers right when you handle salary questions, instead give them a range of the salary you expect. And to be able to do that efficiently, you will first have to do your homework, and that would be to conduct research, understanding approximately how much a person of your position gets. Deriving data from this analysis suggest the recruiters a scale within which you ought to be paid, for example, “Based on my analysis of the market trends I think someone of my calibre and skills and at a position as this gets somewhere between 50 to 60k per month. I am comfortable with that range.”

Delay the question

This will be your chance to showcase your talent. Ask more questions about the prospective role you are being interviewed for and use this opportunity to let them know your skills and expertise and that it is more about being satisfied with the job than the salary that you are looking forward to. Make them realise your worth by narrating to them your accomplishments over the years, or your aspirations in case you are a novice.

Negotiate options of perks

This is a way to convey to the recruiter that even if they cannot pay you the expected salary they can compensate so by giving you additional perks such as stock options or equity.

These are fool proof strategies of how to handle salary questions in the interview that you can take refuge in without a doubt and bag yourself the job offered.

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