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How To Get Endorsements On LinkedinHow To Get Endorsements On Linkedin

Endorsements have been a rampantly used word in the world of marketing; we have all witnessed and are witnessing various brands endorsing their products through advertisements in various forms. But with the raving trend of LinkedIn as one the best ways to place oneself to a potential employer, the latest buzz is that of endorsements on LinkedIn. The endorsement we are talking about here is not for any product but for your skills. Yes, you heard it right, on LinkedIn you get the opportunity to endorse skills – either you do it for someone else, or another person endorses you.

LinkedIn believes this to be a great way to showcase your skills and expertise with just a single click; it is definitely an excellent means of authenticating your skill claims and enhancing your brand. In fact, it has been found that the more endorsement you have, the higher you are ranked on LinkedIn with that particular skill. Then what are you waiting for, follow these methods of getting the maximum endorsements you can on LinkedIn and get noticed?

  1. Edit your Skills: you may have listed a whole plethora of skills you (a maximum of fifty skills can be listed), but I recommend you trim them down only to those that you want others to know you for. Delete the ones that are not going to have any impact on your business; this makes it easier for those who are going to endorse you.
  2. Shift the skills & Endorsements: to make sure that more people take a look at your skills and eventually endorse you, try this simple method of moving the skills section right below your summary. You could even add a call to action statement at the end of your summary by saying that you would appreciate it if they took a few seconds to endorse your skills.
  3. Optimise your profile: begin doing this by putting up a clear and appropriate profile picture. Next, compose an engaging summary filled with valuable information about you; put in your work history experience after that, following which remember to add links. These links will lead people to know you better as a professional; give them the links of your blogs or other online projects that you may have done in the past. Attempt to reach the ‘expert or all-star level’, it enables you to become more popular and the higher the number of 1st-degree connections that greater chances of bagging endorsements for yourself.
  4. Send personalised messages: use these 1st-degree connections that you make effectively by sending them messages personally, asking for an endorsement of your skills. To get a large number of endorsements on LinkedIn, go through the list of people who connect with your content the most and interact with you regularly. They will in most cases accede to your request. Compose each message differently making it personal and unique to ensure a positive response from your connection.
  5. Endorse others Generously: well, you must have heard the saying “do unto others that you want them to do unto you”; that is precisely what you have to practice here. Endorse others that you know and do not know likewise you could choose to begin with, says a colleague, a person you met at a function, or a friend. Slowly start endorsing unfamiliar people as well, just as you will be endorsing them owing to the particular skill that impresses you, they too are most likely to return the favour. Whenever you endorse someone, they receive a notification from LinkedIn, and your profile appears on their map.
  6. Do not forget to thank: keeping your manners intact is a nice way to collect more and more endorsements on LinkedIn. Further, it takes the relation with your connection to a more amiable level and beyond a mere acquaintance label. This could be your opening for other job opportunities as well, as you gradually expand your networking.

Now, get going and make all these said changes in your profile, and then bask in the glory of being endorsed by the masses.

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