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How to Format Your Resume for a Modern Job Search

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If you are on the hunt for a job yet again, after a number of years, then please do not use that resume you have designed several years back. With the growth in age and technology, the resume to has undergone sea changes, and if you do not match up with the latest style of the same, you can kiss goodbye to your chances of being selected for an interview. So, here’s the plan of action – format your resume!

Gone are the days of writing your resume by hand on paper, get upbeat with the generation; it’s the age of online or e-resumes (electronic resume). That’s what you have to work on. Now, if the basic presentation method of a resume has altered, it’s time you get prepared for your resume to get a complete makeover. Unlike older days when the choice of font was only as good as your handwriting, you now get an array of choices for fonts, which are preferred by recruiters – the prospective resume readers. They include Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma, etc. The size of the font ought to be between 10-12 and also remember to save it in the PDF format so that it is easily accessible to the hiring manager.

The above is for those people who have resumes that are at least a decade old; however, if your resume created less than that then, you will have to make a few changes here and there, to up the level of your resume to a modern version.

  1. Cut down on the length – the more precise the resume and to the point, the better. The recruiters hardly have time for going through novels in place of resumes, hence, cut short all the unnecessary information and focus on only those which are relevant to the job. The best would be if you can limit the page space to just one, but if you have gathered a lot of experience over the years, it could expand to a maximum of two pages.
  2. Say bye to the Objectives – yes, that’s right! The modern way to format your resume does not need the objective section. Instead put your mind to highlighting your skills with emphasis to those that are crucial according to the job description, with bullets preferably.
  3. Strengthen your profile summary – particularly if you an aged person, this is your chance to shine; your experience will be accountable for in this section. But be wary of mentioning the word; experienced’ in place of something like “more than 25 years experience”. Never give any hint of your senior years, except in the beginning when you give your date of birth. Your age should not give the impression of you being backdated.
  4. Pay attention to pre-screening considerations – the present system of shortlisting candidates for an interview goes through the latest software known as the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). When brought under this scanner, your resume will have to pass the keyword test; that is to say, make sure your resume includes those stock words that this system uses to pick out resumes. Even when the resume reaches human hands, there are certain specific words that the reader will look for in the resume. Not having found those words fails to create the first good impression of the applicant, and as a matter of fact, reduces the chances of being spotted on online job search engines.
  5. Omit the old dates – when you have crossed more than fifteen years in the professional arena, you no longer need to include your schooling and graduation dates. Even in terms of experience, those that are more than five years can be left outside the resume. On the rise of absolute urge to include your entire career positions and roles, you could format your resume by adding another section under the name ‘Early Career’.
  6. Replace your personal information with LinkedIn info – a prospective recruiter has no longer any need to know you personally, that would enumerate your mailing address. Your LinkedIn profile information is preferred over the former – it has become a mirror for you. So, you know now that you will have to invest time in making your LinkedIn profile more attractive for potential employers.
  7. Strike a balance – the format of a modern resume includes an equal mix of both: paragraphs and bullets. This helps keep the attention of the reader fixed on the resume, thereby increasing your possibilities of getting noticed. While it is fine to talk about your experiences, the importance lies more in the success stories that you have; hence that is where you need to work on.

Following these pointers will help you land with the modern version of a resume.

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