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How To Find A New Job While Employed

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Finding a job is never an easy task, whether you are looking for it for the very first time or are in search of another job while employed. The techniques used to find the job in both cases, however, differ quite a bit. Since we are talking about the latter scenario here, I would like to inform you that in a situation as this, you may have to have your ‘stealth’ mode on. Why is that?

Well, if you are lucky and have been informed beforehand by your boss that they are on an employee lay off spree, then there will be no need for the ‘stealth mode’. But in case, you are having issues with adjusting with the present company any further and want to change your job; then this will be a mandate, to facilitate your job search ordeal. You will have to use your working time for the job hunt; and surely, no boss will take that with a smile. So, here’s the foolproof plan for your job search expedition without offending your current boss and simultaneously finding a new job while you are employed.

#1. Keep things to yourself

Your colleagues are, in most cases, not that best friend who can efficiently keep your secrets. Hence, it is best to avoid talking about your present status of looking for a job, solely to yourself. You do not want to mess things up with your current employer staying away from any kind of conflict is always the wisest thing to do. Conveying the information about your shift of job to your boss should be done, only when you have landed another job, and exclusively by you in person, not via any co-worker. It is bound to leave a bad taste in the mouth and could turn out to be a cause of concern if ever you need help for referrals in the future. Additionally, because most people these days, prefer to keep all our contacts and friends on social media posted about every action taken, it is but purposeful to say that extra caution has to be exercised in this regard. Do not post anything about an interview you are about to face, or any other similar thing, as you never know who may be reading your posts.

#2. Keep your LinkedIn up-to-date

Whatever you have done professionally, till the present time, needs to be constantly updated for prospective recruiters. Have it completed a 100% at all times, but here, too being discreet will help. Even if it is not your present boss who is going through your LinkedIn profile, any of your co-workers might get a hunch that you are on a job hunt. So, be careful with how much you are revealing about your openness to new job opportunities.

#3. Try to keep the new offer interactions outside working hours

Not using your current working hours to carry out job search for a new job while employed, is definitely going to take away a lot of your time. While it is best not to use your present boss’s time, yet you just may have to do so to avoid losing time. You can, however, make arrangements like taking phone calls related to the new opportunity either outside office hours or during breaks. Maintain the same attitude for the interviews you land as well; you could either use the days that are off for you or request the prospective employer to schedule the interview before or after the office timings.

#4. Use older references

At the time of calling upon your references comes, do so with the employers of the past. Listing your current employer as a reference, if he/she has not directly asked to start looking for another job, becomes risky. Thus, avoid that and use the names of your former employers. If, you do not have any such contact, use the reference of your former colleagues, but make sure nothing of the present is reflected anywhere.  Do not worry about the potential recruiter; they generally, understand this situation and do not mind being diverted to an older employer.

#5. Be transparent with the Prospective Employer

Since you intend to keep things discrete from your present employer to avoid complications, you have to be verbal about it to the employers who will be approaching you too. Request them to maintain the same discrete method and keep the matter confidential as far as possible. For example, tell them that you would appreciate it if they sent your resume to clients only after your approval.

Along with all these mentioned above the thing that you will most require to carry out this tedious task of finding a new job while employed is to get organised. Strategies how you want to conduct this job search in the midst of your busy daily schedule and plan it out accordingly. Maintain a calendar to write down the dates of the ensuing interviews, helps to avoid the confusion of overlapping dates. Preparing a cover letter before you even start the job search is yet another step towards keeping yourself abreast with the situation. Gear up then and get the planner, you have some serious planning to do my friend.

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