How to Explain Why You’ve Been Job Hopping

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How to Explain Why You’ve Been Job Hopping

How to Explain Why You’ve Been Job Hopping

Changing jobs is not a crime, but it raises a brow of the one reading your resume. Why is that so? A recruiter is interested in hiring someone who is committed, and if you have been churning several jobs within a short period, it does seem to be a matter of concern. While you may have been looking for a better opportunity that has led you to job hopping, irrespective of what the reason is, hiring managers do not look at it in a good light.

But the good news is that the reactions of the employers are changing with the times, and presently there is more tolerance attached to such a professional move.  However, it is essential that you make all efforts to explain to your potential hirer why they should hire you, despite you being a job-hopper. The resume gives you the first opportunity to do, so ahead and optimise it. Keep it updated at all times, but only with those details that need attention; do away with all the older unnecessary information. If you had been considering the chronological format of the resume to be the best, revise your thoughts and convert it into a functional one – the kind of resume that highlights on the skills and achievements of an individual. (Click here to know more about a functional resume)

Your resume will have to be backed up with your words during your interview, hence, focus on the skills you have achieved during the time you were job hopping, and make the attainment of newer skills the primary reason for your action. Tell the recruiter the kind of transferable skills you own and how they would prove to be of great value to the company. Narrate to them, not why you did a hop, but what you acquired owing to the hop. Highlight the key experience of every job you took up and talking about your learning of that incident. Talk to them about how this move in your career has helped you to pursue your ultimate professional goals and how they have been a progressive move along the same lines.

I have always emphasised on the need to be truthful, especially when it comes to your profession; there are no short cuts. Being transparent and honest is the one-way street that you have to take when attempting to take up a job after a long hunt for the right place to work in, or while you are still on the search. Give them sincere reasons for your jumping ships and how it helped you to move forward towards and grow as a professional. If during this time the interviewer throws at you the question of whether you liked the last job or not, do not lie, tell him the absolute truth. The cause of leaving one job and going in for another always does not have to be your choice; it could be your requirement. For instance, if there had been a downsizing of employees, you surely did not have much of a choice, so you had to leave. This or your relocation to another place for personal reasons are all easily understandable by a recruiter, and therefore all you have to do is speak the truth.  Remember honesty is always the best policy.

Because you have been on a travelling spree with regards to your career, it will be difficult for the prospective recruiter to trust you. It thus comes upon you to make him believe that this time you are will to stay and remain committed. Give him valid reasons why you have now decided to put a stop to the job hopping and settle down with this company for a long time now. Exhibit your desire to be associated for them for the long term because the position and the responsibilities attached to it fall in line with your career pursuit. At this point, explain in details what your professional aspirations are and how this company seems to promise you that you will be able to fulfil those aspirations. Suggest them to offer you a trial period or assignment, if that could convince them of your loyalty. If possible give some referrals who will vouch for your stay at this company.

Getting a job is not a cake walk and precisely why you should remain prepared for facing defeat, yet not giving up. You may have to attend several interviews with the reputation of a job-hopper but hang in there, stay strong and keep at it. All the best!

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