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How to explain career break in your resume?

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How to explain career break in your resume?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a smooth running career at all times, for some reason or the other, they experience a gap in it.

The break can be both voluntary and involuntary, for instance, at the time of childbirth, the break taken is a voluntary one; however, if you fall seriously ill due to some cause, there is a possibility that you may have to take a break involuntarily. Having issues with your employer which are beyond resolution could also be a probable reason for enduring a ‘career break’. Explaining this break efficiently could become a cause for concern when you want to apply for a new job and have to update your resume. But don’t worry; you are not the only one facing this situation.

how to explain career break

Several others are facing the same thing, unfortunately, what they are not adequately aware of and educated about is how they should include this point in a resume. Now because the resume, is the most vital document in a recruitment process, it needs to be designed most effectively, ensuring that at least an interview with the prospective employer is confirmed.

The best part comes with the fact that every recruiter has the understanding that there will be applicants, who have had a break in their career, but what matters to them is – the functionality of the applicant should be in favour of their requirement. Hence, they are already mentally prepared for such candidates. Therefore, what you as a candidate should aim at is, tactfully handling this title in your resume.

The functional and the combination formats of a resume are designed in the ideal way to help emphasise a career break optimally. Irrespective of the kind of resume you opt for, what you need to remember at all times is, ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’.


Be truthful about how long your break has been, stating the reason for the break if possible. Rest assured that this will get the recruiter curious to know about the details of the break in the interview, but that is of course if your essential skills are in relevance with their need for the position.

Be To The Point

Be concise in mentioning about your break, do not make any strong comments, and keep it to the point of merely stating why you took a break, what you did during that time and what the result of it was. Placing the employment gap correctly, for whatever reason it may have been, ought to be done with a lot of care and smartness. It is not the first thing that you need to put in your resume even though it may be the last thing that occurred in your career graph.

Control over the content

Avoid stating the months while listing the dates for the various places and positions you were previously employed. For instance, instead of giving March 2007- April 2010, you should write 2007 -2010. Now, let us suppose your break was from May 2010 to November 2010, and you started working again in December 2010. You see then that because you mention only the year again for the next employment, the gap of 7 months will not be evident.

Use Function Resume Type

Begin your resume differently; when you know that you have breaks in your career, you would want to highlight your skills more than anything else to appear in a positive light. Hence, it always the best option to start off your resume by emphasising on your skills. Uniquely formatting your resume is one of the most effective ways of camouflaging your career break. Click What is Functional Resume and how to write easily? to know how to write a functional resume.

The best place, however, to explain career break in your profession is in your cover letter, where you can mention clearly why you had to take that career break. One last thing about explaining a career break is that if you have had that break a long time before applying for the present job, then you can happily keep it out of your resume.

Hope you’re aware of how to explain career break. Contact us if you have

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