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How to Explain Being Fired From a Job during an Interview?How to Explain Being Fired From a Job during an Interview?

Being fired is an unpleasant experience and it can make it difficult for you when you are out looking for another job. Being fired is viewed as a negative thing about your resume and can influence your future employer’s decision. Fortunately, if you have the skills, you can talk your way through it and give your interviewer a good explanation for why you were fired. Do not attempt to lie to your interviewer, a reference check can make you look bad and honesty is a trait that is looked at favourably.

Let’s see, How to Explain Being Fired From a Job during an Interview. Before going directly to the answers, first, ask yourself these questions so that you can phrase things in the right way.

Was it your fault?

Did you give your previous employer a good reason to fire you? Normally, employers only fire people after providing reasonable room for error. Everyone makes mistake and it is only after too many mistakes that a reasonable manager will axe someone. If you feel you were sacked without enough justification, then you can claim that the management was hostile to you for reasons not related to work. While this reason can be debated, it is generally the most acceptable reason for being fired, if you can convince your interviewer that it is true.

What did you learn from your previous job and being fired?

Could you have done anything differently to prevent being fired? You may have been fired unfairly, but there is always something that could have been done differently. If you have learned something from this bad experience, it could be something you can share with your interviewer. Prospective employers want people who can grow from experiences good and bad. If you can demonstrate that you have worked to improve yourself, you will be more impressive than someone who passes the buck.

Acceptable Reasons to Say You Were Fired

Budget Cuts

You can talk about how budget cuts were in effect and you were not able to survive them. Many companies downsize and upsize frequently, so this will look like something that was not in your hands. Make sure to say that you have learned more about how to make yourself invaluable and more resistant to budget cuts through an increased efficiency and quality of work.

New Management

If your company has merged with another, or if your old manager resigned to make way for someone else, you can use this as an excuse to say that the old manager was looking to free up the budget for one of his old employees. This is a sensitive question, so your interviewer may not ask your old employer this in a reference check.

Personal Problems

Certain difficulties in your life can make it hard for you to be an efficient and effective force at work. You can tell your new employer that you have made it past these problems and are ready to give your professional best once again.


So now you know How to Explain Being Fired From a Job during an Interview. Try to be as honest as possible, as it is possible for an employer to find out the truth if they try hard enough. Do not make-up verifiably false stories in any circumstance. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes, people just don’t get along with their management. Focus more on trying to convince them that you will be a good resource for them thanks to the bitter experience.

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