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How to Discuss Relocation in a Cover Letter and Resume

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How to Discuss Relocation in a Cover Letter and Resume

relocation in a cover letter and resume

Life and career have a very intimate relation; while you work to enjoy your life, you often have to condition your life according to your career. Relocation is a prime cause of concern in this connection; you might want to shift your residence and applying for a job in a company in that new place, leads you to contemplate on how to talk about relocation in a cover letter and resume.

This situation poses to be challenging because you are going to contest the candidates who are local to that area, and recruiters prefer employees who live close by, to avoid obvious obstacles like travel, etc. But it does not mean that you stand no chance, you will have to learn how to play smart. In other words, you have to present your resume and cover letter in the most impressive and engaging manner, which will very subtly yet emphatically tell the hiring people what you are worth.

There are a few individuals who feel being dishonest with the company concerned can help win them a position, so they call themselves local; but unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for the recruiters to bust their cover. Thus, honesty is always the best policy; tell them the truth but with tact. The easiest way to do this in your resume is to mention it right at the start, using quote marks or an asterisk, you could say “Willing to relocate” or include the name of the place if it is specific. In fact, if you have already decided on the exact location and date of moving, take this opportunity and write it down immediately below your name. However, experts say that if you are not very sure of these facts, it is better left unsaid or vague, say something like “Relocating to Seattle in May 2019”; else you will have to come up with some explanation when you are called in for an interview.

Though a resume does not give enough provision to mention your relocation intentions, yet another way you could do it is by changing your previously created section ‘resume objective statement’ into a more informative segment about your desire of relocating. When talking about your previous companies, remember to include a one-liner for each downplaying its location while laying emphasis on the traits that it has similar to the companies you are currently targeting.

Perhaps one of the most worrying things is how to mention relocation in a cover letter and resume, but as mentioned earlier thought he resume does not make enough space available to talk about it, yet the cover letter is ideal for the task. This is the place where you get ample chance to give the details about your relocating intention to the recruiters.

A common practice and a smart way of carrying out this task is, to mention the relocating interest towards the end of the cover letter. This helps you establish yourself as a prospective candidate for the job before anything else; after all, the employer needs to find the details of your potential before your location.

A little explanation as to why you are moving to this new place would be helpful to make things clear for the recruiter, to help them discern how seriously inclined you are to make this move. The reason is most acceptable when it is concrete, say something like you need to get closer to your family, or hometown. Or it could even be that your spouse has had to make a shift of residence owing to his/her career and therefore you too need to be there; or perhaps that you are getting married and hence need to move to that particular place. To substantiate the authenticity of your relocation desire, mentioning the exact date of the same proves to be of great help.

The final most important thing you need to put down while discussing about shifting your base is, how you will be available for an interview. In this respect, more often than not, the hiring companies are somewhat traditional and prefer the in-person interview; however, you can make alternative suggestions to them for the interview. You could write down that you will be readily available for an interview on Skype or any other similar platform.  But along with that tell them that if required you are willing to be present in person, provided the initial distant interview is successful, and both have consented in the same interest, do not, however, talk about the expenses of the in-person meet yet.

There you are, all sorted as to how you can effectively and diligently mention relocation in a cover letter and resume.

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