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How to Delay Accepting a Job Offer When Waiting For Another

Applying for jobs is a tricky business if you get past enough interviews. Waiting for HR’s to pick up the pace can be a long process and having an offer in hand complicates things. Luckily, there are many ways you can stall an interviewer that will not hurt your chances. However, you will have to gauge your interviewer to see how desperately he needs to hire someone. An employer in urgent need may not wait very long to choose someone else, especially if he found another suitable candidate.

Here are a few reasons you can give to delay accepting a job offer.

delay accepting a job offer

Notice Period

Tell your prospective employer that your current workplace has a longer notice period and it is protected by a bond amount. This generally buys you a few days’ time during which you can wait for your other offer. This is the reason that we rate #1 to delay accepting a job offer.

Personal Circumstances

You can say that you have some personal things to take care of before you can accept a job offer. This could be anything from a health problem for you or someone from your family. Make sure that the condition you specify is in short to medium range of time so that your interviewer knows that you won’t take too long to make a decision.

You are on vacation

Many people take vacations after quitting a job, so you can tell your interviewer that you are going on an impromptu vacation and that you can accept the job only once you come back. Being on vacation shields you from having to rationally and carefully go through an offer.

Ask For a Better Offer

Please note that this is a slightly risky move, and if it is rejected, you could end up with no offer. Assuming your interviewer wants you specifically, they will at least go through a round of processing to see what they can do for you. There is a good chance that the old offer will still stand even after you have asked for a better one. Going through the approval process can take some time, giving you a couple of days to a week to give them an answer.

Ask For Time

The most direct approach to the problem is telling your prospective employer that you need some time to make an informed decision since it affects many things like where you want to live, how you will commute and more. This will be easier if there is something about the job that is different from your previous job. Unless they are in a hurry, most prospective employers will wait a little while for your response.

There are many ways to go about stalling an interviewer as you wait for an offer. You have to make sure you take the right approach that matches the urgency of your prospective employer. Just guess about how long it will actually take for you to get the other offer because it looks very suspicious if you delay your acceptance/rejection of an offer more than once.

We hope you got the best reasons to delay accepting a job offer. All the best for your best decision.

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