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How to Convert Your Responsibilities into Achievements?Convert Your Responsibilities into Achievements

Resume writing can be a difficult task for most people; it is easy to gauge what you need to feed a resume with all your professional details along with your educational qualification and some of your details. But how that is to be presented within the frame of a resume format can be challenging to comprehend. In this article, we have covered about How to Convert Your Responsibilities into Achievements

Two of the most crucial sections you need to cater to are your achievements and responsibilities. These achievements refer to the kind of successes you may have faced in your former place of work, and the responsibilities refer to the performances you may have given using your unique skill set. These two titles can be comfortably classified under two different sections for the entry-level applicants, let’s say those who are composing their resume for their first job. The same, however, should not and is not to be employed by the C-level or senior management professionals.

This latter,  experienced professionals are present in the corporate world for several years and have gained a lot of knowledge and expertise in their specific field of work. It has been often noticed that they tend to highlight their usual duties, which is not required. Because they have been working for a long span of time, it becomes quite evident to recruiters that the concerned candidate achieved his/her current professional status as a leader on account of their proficiency. Hence, there is no actual need to put these forward.resume advice

What one should do instead is combine the two, that is to say, you should take one skill or responsibility at a time and validate it by elaborating on the way the particular ability was put to use to achieve a specific outcome. It has been noted that most resumes define skills of prominence but are unable to quantify their skills by backing them up with the incidents that helped those skills to shine. Most people make a list of all the achievements they have had in the past which includes the awards that one has received and there is a prevalent tendency to provide the name of a big project that they may have been associated with instead of explaining clearly how they had been instrumental in achieving the desired outcome.

For example, an individual could list ‘management skills’ as an inherent skill that would be helpful for the hiring company in the position applied for, but this does not reveal how this aspect of one helped attain a certain goal. On the contrary if, one could say ‘led a team of ten employees to deliver the arrangement of premium suites for foreign clients successfully’, is something that could add weight to the skill that is being emphasized.

One significant thing that should never be missed out upon by anyone who composes a resume is that all awards can be categorized as achievements, but not all achievements have to be in the form of awards necessarily. It could just be recognition by the user of the service or the company that you may have been working for. Remember always to quantify your skills, thereby proving that you can convert your responsibilities into achievements. Hope this article helps you in triggering your achievements. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions about How to Convert Your Responsibilities into Achievements

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