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How to Attract Recruiters on LinkedIn at no time

How to Attract Recruiters on LinkedInWanting to be in the limelight is a regular thing in the present times; the same is and needs to be applicable while you are on a professional platform. But the unfortunate thing is that the competition levels have reached great heights, which is why it becomes tough to make space for oneself. The social media is an exceptional technological boon to humankind, and that is perhaps the best way you can make your online presence felt to either a potential recruiter or a prospective client or simply anyone else. LinkedIn deserves worthy mention in this regard; it is the haven of professionals and currently the most buzzing place for the corporate world. I am here thus, to enlighten you on how you can best attract recruiters on LinkedIn, for once you come into the vicinity on this podium, you can rest assured that you are on the right track in your career.

  1. Get a rocking headline – among the first things that recruiters come to notice is the headline that you put up. So make the best use of it; do not just leave it at what you have done last and what all you can do. Add in the information that represents the best version of yourself in professional terms.
  2. Boost your profile with a professional picture – even after you have given the most appropriate description of yourself, adding a photograph is like giving it the finishing touches. It would be best if you gave a face to the exceptionally skilled individual; after all, it is by your face that you get recognized. For you see, it isn’t very easy to trust a profile without a countenance; and trust is definitely a key factor in a professional relationship.
  3. Announce your availability – employers need to know that you are ready to take on new roles and responsibilities, and that can be done when you slide the button to the right side in the ‘Let recruiters know you’re open’ under the Career Interests section of the Privacy Settings on your LinkedIn profile. You will also notice there is a box to write a note to the recruiters going through your profile; take advantage of this customization option and key a few attention-grabbing sentences, along with your industry preferences.
  4. Take advantage of LinkedIn SEO – you can only attract recruiters on LinkedIn when you appear to them, and in order to come into their sight, you have to put in efforts. It is, of course, fine to do the above, but you must show up in a recruiter’s search. The LinkedIn SEO helps optimize your profile, and experts suggest in this regard, the smart thing to do here is to add more contacts. The greater the number of connections, the higher the chances of you being visible to prospective employers. Next, ensure that you have used keywords in your profile that recruiters generally look for; added to that, asking for referrals and recommendations is the icing on the cake.
  5. Highlight your credibility as an employee – LinkedIn gives you ample space to showcase to recruiters that you are not making any random claims of being their ideal choice. You can post a blog, videos, or write-ups in your profile; a blog especially adds a lot of weight to your credibility as it reveals your creative bent of mind as well as your writing skills. There is the option of ‘Status Update’; unlike Facebook, this status update ought to be in relevance to your professional inclinations. Share information and news that helps the recruiters get an idea of your interests. If you wish to publish a PowerPoint presentation, you can take the assistance of Slide Share, the software owned by LinkedIn.
  6. Join the groups – as mentioned earlier, having more contacts on your list is advantageous to get noticed by employers, joining the various groups gives leverage to this aspect. An individual is entitled to be a member of as many as 100 groups; then, why not become a part of one the specialty groups such as SQL Server, Information Architects, NET, to name a few. If and when you post any documents or share any information on relevant topics, there are possibilities that you will draw attention because it seems recruiters like to scan through discussions when they are on the hunt. Conversations are a powerful tool to increase your acquaintances by connecting with people from different professions and industries.
  7. Polish up the profile summary – this is your canvas to paint an image of yourself, therefore make the maximum of it. This space of 2,000 characters made available to you must comprise of something original and captivating. Writing in the first person gives the right kind of vibe to a summary; further, keep in mind the viewer (whether it is a recruiter or a client) and how you would want to appear to the specific person. In fact, you should already have a clear picture in your head of what you would like the reader’s call to action to be. This will help you design a perfect profile summary.

Taking care of the pointers as mentioned above, there is no way that you cannot attract recruiters on LinkedIn. So, all the best, let the drum beat rolls!

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