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“Why Should We Hire You?” – Here’s Your Response

Interviews are, most often than not, stressful, and the only way to reduce that stress is to be thoroughly prepared. The questions asked at a meeting like this are mostly stock questions, which is why it becomes convenient for the interviewees to prepare themselves ahead of the actual interview. Among the several commonly asked questions, this blog will help you in answering why should we hire you.Why Should We Hire You

To understand the meaning of what is being asked is the first step towards replying appropriately to the inquiry. So, whenever an interviewer is asking you why he/she should hire you, what they actually mean is what makes you most fit for the position that is being offered. Basically, it is your opportunity to make your elevator pitch. Let them know, briefly, what you are going to bring to the table. So that you may be able to do so confidently, take a good look at the job description several times before the interview, taking note of the requirements of the position being offered. According to that, decipher for yourself the qualities you possess, which would prove constructive to the position. However, remember to consider only those which are closely associated with the job profile.

Your aim in answering this question is fourfold, namely:

  • To assure the interviewer that you are the perfect match for the job, as that is precisely what they are looking for – someone who fits best into the said role.
  • To convince that you are going to be an asset to the organization
  • To make the interviewer believe that you are capable of exemplary work delivery and startling results
  • To tempt him/her into believing that having you onboard is going to be nothing but a profitable, prestigious, and proud addition to the company.

Having these points in mind while answering why should we hire you, will undoubtedly make the going easier for you. Focus your attention on these areas with concrete examples rather than rambling off an entire history of your professional career.

Some of the things that you ought to include in your response include – your technical and soft skills, work experience in the industry, awards, accolades, accomplishments as well as your educational qualifications. Backing your skills with the experience you have had in the past is the best way to make a substantial answer. This serves as a strong pitch for yourself as you emerge as someone who has got it all figured out; in other words, your image is that of a problem solver.

Every individual, whether it is their personal or professional life, has a certain degree of difficulty. If someone comes along claiming to be successful in untangling those ties, it is always a welcome thing. Hence, if you can showcase areas where you have come to the aid of an employer in solving problems, you will certainly be up for grabs.

Any standard reply to this popular interview question can be constructed after you have asked yourself certain questions like:

  1. What is the company’s perspective of the qualifications they are seeking in a candidate?
  2. What are the skills you really possess?
  3. What are your most outstanding success stories in line with these requirements?
  4. What makes you unique among your competitors?

When you have acquired the answers to these, you are already on the way to designing the best way to answering why we should hire you? But brevity is the key to responding to any interview question. The interviewers do not have that kind of time to invest in one interview; therefore, you have no option other than preparing concise answers to all the questions.

Repeated practice is another thing that you would need to indulge in while prepping for an interview. After you are ready with what you want to tell the interviewer, you have to keep practicing its delivery. However, do not even attempt to learn it by heart. Takedown points and memorize them, then elaborate on them as and how required.

One very effective way of approaching an interrogation such as this is to have a thorough knowledge of the company’s whereabouts. When you display your knowledge on the organization, you come across as someone who is genuinely interested in joining them as well as someone who knows how to impress the interviewer. In both cases, you appear in an absolute positive light and are at an advantageous position over your contemporaries. Also, your interviewer gets convinced that you are someone who is willing to be a part of this larger family and hence is open to being trained, learning as well as abiding by the ethics of the company.

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Here are some samples of how you can attempt at answering why should we hire you-

  1. “Considering the skills you are looking for, I can assure you that I have the kind of experience and expertise. You will never be let down when it comes to the delivery of qualitative work. I am a self-motivated person with the zeal to learn and grow, as well. Therefore, be it the work ethics of this organization or any business-related trait that is required for me to learn, I will do so in no time. I would also like to add that I contribute both individually and as a team member, so you can rest assured that you have a team player onboard. I hence feel that I am the perfect match for this position.”
  2. “The experience I have gained over the years and the stars I have added to my crown with my accomplishment in this field, make me the most suitable person for the position that is vacant at your prestigious business entity. I find my work ethics in complete unison with yours, which is why it will be a joyride if you hire me. I can assure you that I will be an indispensable part of your organization for I bring with not just experience but expertise as well, and exactly as you are looking for.”
  3. “My academic qualifications instantly set me apart from the others who have approached you for the open position. Other than that, the exposure that I have received while in college, as well as during my internships have given me the confidence and enthusiasm to give my employer more than my 100%. Even the volunteer works that I had picked up at the Red Cross has brought me face to face with the corporate sector and its pattern of functioning. Also, from the knowledge I have gathered about your organization, I totally relate to it. I am certain that I can provide you the ultimate satisfaction when it comes to delivery of work. Having been associated with people of diverse categories, I hardly find it difficult to work as the part of a team; you can thus rest assured that you are adding a people’s person to this corporate family of yours.”
  4. “The job description you put up says that you are looking for a teacher with not just experience but with utmost patience. My experience of having been a teacher for specially-abled children for the past three years should be a guarantee and a reason why you should hire me over the others. I have learned how to fit into their world and render them the academic knowledge in the way they can comprehend. I have, over the years, worked out strategies and means to help such children with absolute love and care. I can assure you that from the moment I join you professionally, I will turn it into a personal relationship, and your children will become my children.”

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The above are a few examples to answer why should we hire you. Make sure the reasons are relevant to you. The scenarios mentioned above is just for representation. Everyone’s career is dynamic so similar to the case discussed in this post, try to create your winning answer. Also, comment on your winning response below which you help others to learn from you.

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