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How to answer “Where else are you interviewing?” Tough Interview QuestionsTough Interview Questions

Interviews can never be a cakewalk, but with some preparation, it becomes convenient to answer some of the tricky interview questions such as “Where else are you interviewing?”. If you are wondering why I am calling this a ‘tricky question’; it is because the way you answer it will not just reveal the truth that you are interviewing elsewhere, but other things as well. The interviewer knows precisely what needs to be derived out of the response to a particular question, and there is more than one motive behind this query being made.

The first piece of information that any recruiter gets out of asking this question is how you react to an unexpected situation. Whether you get nervous and fumble while responding, or whether you take time to grasp the reality that a question like that has been asked to you; or whether you take it calmly and give an appropriate answer, is what becomes apparent. It truly gives away a lot of the way you react as a person within a given situation, which eventually helps to get an idea of how you would behave at a workplace.

I have always maintained in all my blogs that you cannot, under any circumstance, be dishonest, when you are looking for a job – be it in your resume or at an interview. There is no compromise with honesty. Thus, when faced with interview questions such as these, there is no need to panic. All you have to do is be truthful and give the information but wisely.

You need to understand that the other reasons a question such as this is being asked to you is to comprehend-

  • which competitor of theirs you are visiting, so that they can understand how much demand is there in the market for the position that is being offered and consequently base their decision on that
  • Timelines play an essential role here; once they know the status of your interview with other companies, they would want to speed up or slow down their decision accordingly. In most cases, this would be to speed up if they find you valuable and are interested in hiring you.
  • Whether this company is just another name on the list that you have; in other words, how much are you doting to be a part of this organization.
  • how serious you are about getting a new job and
  • do you have a line of action, i.e., are you concentrating on the same industry as this company or are doing a random job search

Getting an insight into your thought processes gives the recruiters clarity to decide if you are the one they are looking for. Hence, you should know how to construct a suitable response.

So, here’s how you should reply. To begin with, humbly accept that you are interviewing at other places. Don’t worry; it won’t make you look bad. On the contrary, you will have created a conception of being famous and valuable, which is why other companies are inclined to hiring you too. Avoiding this question and answering it vaguely does not give you the scope to prove your value and that you are desirable by other contemporaries of the company. It also establishes that your job search is going fine and that you are a person in demand and not a leftover that they would make the mistake of hiring. Therefore, avoid showing any signs of desperation but at the same time, exhibit eagerness.

“I am looking at opportunities at other companies and have received positive responses from them as well, but my priority will be working with your company owing to the growth it promises me as a professional, and that is the part that excites me the most.”

However, one red flag in answering this kind of interview questions is not to mention the name of any other organization that you may already have appeared for an interview at, or are about to go for an interview. It only seems unethical to do so, nonetheless do verbalize that you are looking at other options, for the above-said reasons.

“With all due respect to you, I prefer not to disclose any details of the other interviews and offers; I would maintain the same with this interview as well.”

Again if you are job searching in different industries, it will raise eyebrows and may be followed by further curiosities. The best thing to do then is to find commonalities between the job you are currently interviewing for and the one you are talking about. It will help remove the confusion of the interviewer.

“I am someone you would take up employment in varied categories to further my career; however since I am adept in content writing and the industry your company caters to in content, is my forte, I would love to be associated with your organization.”

While you would love to make yourself appear as an asset for any company hiring you, it is pertinent that you do not get lured into exaggerating or bragging about yourself. Answering this question is no rocket science at all, only keep a grip over yourself, and you will have the best answer. Therefore, get going and start preparing; after all, it is the preparation that takes more time.

Hope you will be able to answer the toughest interview questions on the planet. Comment below to share your views.

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