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How To Ace The Interview With A Disability?

ace the interview with a disabilityAn interview always gets your heart beats racing, and if you have some sort of physical disability, it is an added reason for the same. However, you should have complete faith in yourself and believe that you can be as good as or even better than someone without a disability in any field of have not chosen to be disabled and you do not choose to be treated as a weakling. Therefore, you have to do all it takes to find means and ways to ace the interview with a disability and prove your worth.

Just as you would have researched before attending an interview with an organization, had you not had any disability; exactly, in the same way, carry out your research to find out data about the company. Remember, that an interview is a two-way street, while the employer is attempting to comprehend the skills and competency of a prospective employee, so is the employee trying to gauge whether or not, she/he would be able to fit into the work ethics of the particular company. Hence, keeping your disability aside, do your homework and find out :

  1. Does this position fit into the larger picture of your professional dreams?
  2. Are you ready to adjust your principles and professional ethics in accordance with those at this workplace?
  3. What kind of pay should you expect?
  4. Is the company open to working with disabled people without being partial or looking down upon them?

When you are clear with these answers in your mind, your battle is half won; as they say, it is all in the mind. Your confidence will be the key to your success wherever and however, you go. Be confident of yourself, your being. You become weak only when you start to believe that you are weak, so, avoid making your disability your weakness. On the contrary, make it your strength, let it motivate you to strive for higher aims and not settle for anything mediocre. Talk to people about the company you intend to interview with and gather as much information as you can about them.

This will also help you answer with certainty and conviction at the interview and in turn, impress the interviewer, who will be able to see your enthusiasm and zeal. Prepare the answers to specific type questions which are generally asked at an interview, to avoid fumbling in front of the interviewer and thereby losing self-assurance.

To ace the interview with a disability, you have to stop thinking you are disabled and act as a completely healthy person. However, at the same time, you should stay in terms of reality and be entirely honest with the company. Many people prefer not to disclose their disability to the employer if they can be hidden, but it is always better to let your potential employer know about it as early as possible. This may aid in making appropriate arrangements for the interview as well.

For instance, if you have a problem with your legs and commute from place to place on a wheelchair, you might want to have the interview at a lower level in the office, as opposed to higher up in the building. This saves time and avoids the risks of mishaps.

Having said this, sometimes it may be best if you could go through with the interview without disclosing the problem, for some organizations. Hence, you need to be able to decipher whichever is the better option and behave accordingly. If you still feel confused as what should be done, you could get in touch with someone with the same discomfort and enquire what he/she did while facing an interview.

Work out your math correctly when you are considering weakness and disability; they are not the same thing. This is what you have to make the employer believe as well, and that can happen only when the belief starts from you. The projects and assignments that will be assigned to you require you to have a stable mind, even if the physical aspect may have suffered a loss. You have to convince the interviewer that your disability does not define you as an employee; it is your skills, which do so. Similar to any other applicant who is endeavouring to make a mark for herself/himself, you too have to pitch for yourself over others. When you are asked questions related to your disability, do not sulk and attempt to gather sympathy, that makes you appear weak and vulnerable. Instead, stay strong and narrate to them how your disability is a reason that you are always willing to go a mile extra, to make sure, things are perfectly done.

If you have had any employment gaps, explain those with patience and honesty; give them the reasons for those void places with facts. Your aim will be to ace the interview with a disability when you can project a self that is not demotivated and pulled down owing to life situations. As a matter of fact, before facing the interview, it is advisable that have your points ready, which describe how your physical deformities have not kept you from performing in the best way that can be. Believe in yourself and prepare earnestly, and you will surely find yourself a job that will make you and your career smile.

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