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How should you use your resume?

How should you use your resume

A lot has been talked about what exactly a resume is and why it is such a crucial document, but there is a little resource available online regarding how should you use your resume and it has not been given its due importance. This blog will help you comprehend this aspect and give you a clear picture of what are the ‘do’s and dont’s’ of using a resume of any type.

While applying for a big company or using a job portal, you need to be extremely careful about the kind of resume you use, because they use the ATS or Applicant Tracking System. This is a software that helps the recruiters go through the huge mound of resumes they receive for a single job opening, by picking out resumes that contain specific keywords they are looking for. The text resume thus, which is the type advised for this scenario, needs intricate cautious treatment in its handling. A very vital thing to be kept in mind while sending a resume via e-mail is that you send it in the PDF version but after confirming that the company you are applying for does not want it in the word format.

Creating your resume in the best possible way, which includes fitting in with the job description, using the most appropriate keywords and also sending it in the right format, ensures for you better chances of being selected by the software and not getting rejected by it automatically. Remember to make sure that your resume is by no ways saved as an image file.

A recruiter in most cases has just enough time to glance through the resume and not read its complete details at the first go, even after the ATS shortlists the resumes. So, what they do is depend on the e-mail preview option, instead of downloading the resume. This helps them to gauge whether they are looking for that kind of a particular application or not. Now, because all versions of Microsoft Office do not render the same type of display, there are chances that the e-mail preview tool may cause the last line of your first page to overlap with the first line of the second page of your resume. And if your second page does not have enough space left at the bottom, the preview ultimately shows it as a three-page resume. This would otherwise have been a two-page resume if they had downloaded it.

A PDF format does not have many different versions which is why the preview tool displays the file correctly, thereby not distorting the resume that you have tailored in any way. You can rest assured that your resume will be viewed in the same way that you want it to be shown. Another added advantage to saving your resume in the PDF form is that you get to be more creative and experiment with the look of your resume as per your intentions. So, while giving your resume up for perusal, use the PDF version as far as possible.

One last input for the proper use of a resume is, in case you have a visual resume, you should save it for when you are planning to give a hardcopy of your resume to the recruiter in person, instead of putting it up on a job portal. If you still have any other query on how to use your resume effectively, please visit

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