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Are You A Recent College Graduate? Learn how a resume for a recent college graduate should be?

How a resume for a recent college graduate should beHave you just completed your graduation from college? Are you going to dive directly into earning your own living? If so, then you need a job, and if you want a job, then you have to have a resume that is customized for you – resume for a recent college graduate. Being new to the corporate functionalities, you might be doubting whether you have heard something like that exists; all you know is you need a resume. Well, the purpose of every resume indeed is to provide all the details of an individual’s qualifications, skills, and contact information, to the prospective employer. However, every type of job demands and requires certain skills. It is thus that resumes should be designed in accordance with the individual’s situation in life.

So, when it is about an entry-level resume, you cannot be kidding anymore. The first thing you have to keep in mind is you are dealing with a professional situation now; hence, all the data that you put down on that document ought to be nothing that cries out unprofessional. Therefore, right at the top of your resume where you have given your contact details, take a minute on analyzing whether your email address is appropriate or not. In the present day, people do not have just one email id but many and some come with absolutely bizarre names. Strictly avoid those, remember this is the one document that will eventually help you land an interview. Thus, fill in your phone numbers, email address, and also your genuine LinkedIn address, and ensure that the recruiters can effortlessly contact you.

Next comes the summary; now, the reason one resume is different from another is because of the content of the various sections. As for a resume for a recent college graduate, you can use bullets for your profile summary. But take care not to use regular and commonly used vague words such as ‘ambitious,’ ‘team player’ and the like. These buzzwords don’t impress employers anymore.

Therefore, include brief statements, say about two or three statements which give an idea of what you think is interesting. You could talk of some of your capabilities, say if you can speak in more than one language. You could express your desire to learn or even relocate for the sake of the position offered. Keep it interesting, though, and make use of keywords.

Now that you got the reader interested, you go on to the next section, which is your skills. Here’s where you tell the employers what makes you unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Also, mention that you learn incredibly fast, that should help the recruiter see your keenness of getting the job and at the same time the honesty that you do not have much knowledge of how to go about the responsibilities of the position. Alternatively, if you notice a certain skill required for the position that you don’t have, you could take up some course that helps you develop that skill. And you can then include it in the resume. The content of the skill section, nonetheless, should be limited to a few bullets only; bullets help a great deal in drawing the attention of the prospective employer.

After that, you come to the work experience or career history section. You may be thinking that you are just out of college, you don’t have any real-time experience as such. But you may be missing out something. You must have volunteered at some place, or taken up an internship or even worked on some project in college; those are good enough. You can include those experiences in this section; remember the recruiter is not interested in what the experience was, but in what you learned out of it. So, put in the name of the company, mention whether you worked full time or as an intern, write down the title you handled and what you may have achieved while doing so. But mind you, these ought to be relevant to the job position and your career goals. Use action verbs to describe these events from the past, such as created, developed, improved, etc. The recruiters know that you will not have any significant accomplishments to list; however, when they see your contribution to the previous workplaces, they can form a positive notion of you. In fact, it aids in easing their decision process. They are basically looking here for a case study – this can be a story of success, or a story of what you did, could not succeed but learned something out of it.

One very crucial pointer for a resume for a recent college graduate is not to include any references and certainly not the phrase “references available on requests.” Recruiters do not like it at all, and as an entry-level candidate, the last thing you want to do is upset any employer.

Including course works that are of lesser value than the internships or any other job, you might have taken up needs to be avoided. You cannot afford to waste any space on the resume; for all you have is one page. Therefore, use your discernment and design your resume in an above-said manner; however, as I always say, it is best if you take the assistance of a professional resume writer.

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