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Here’s How to Sell Yourself to get a Sales Job

How to Sell Yourself to get a Sales JobBefore selling a product, it is essential that you first know how to sell yourself. To whom do you have to sell yourself? To your prospective recruiter, of course! Okay let me put it this way, if you are on the hunt for a sales job, I have some pointers for you, that will help you ease the process of this hard to get the path of career.

Recruiters of sales companies are quite finicky in their approach; they will not settle for any random person to hand over the sales of their product or services. It is sufficiently understandable as well as acceptable as to why they need to do that; hence instead of grumbling that they are thus demanding in their recruitment analysis, it is better to learn how to pitch for yourself.

It is because a job in sales in fairly money-making, a lot of people get interested in it at a very early age and carry on doing the same job for as long as they can, even if they have to switch companies. Now, recruitment, in either case, has a little difference. I am putting together for you the requirements of both – a newbie on the job and a veteran on the job.


Irrespective of whichever field of work you are attempting to get a job, you always feel like a lost chicken. This profession is no exception, and it is only reasonable for you to get the jitters about whether or not you are choosing the most appropriate profession for yourself. Therefore, keep the butterflies away and concentrate on these following tips to get a breakthrough in the genre of selling.

  1. Resume – as a fresher, you need to understand the importance of a professionally constructed resume for any job. So, if you still have not got the best possible resume for yourself, that has to be the first thing you need to do. Your resume must be saying loud and clear about your skills that are relevant to the job.
  2. Prepare yourself for the job – use your time wisely and get training that will help you in learning more and more about sales. Your confidence will be high when you know precisely what you will be expected to perform as a sales rep. Your certifications will also reveal that your interest in the work and have a positive on your prospective employer.
  3. Prepare yourself for the interview – if you have successfully managed to overcome the first stage and landed an interview with a company, you have to give it your all and prepare yourself very well. The interviewers will be studying you, your body language and the way you conduct yourself – your demeanour and approach to other people are vital in deciphering whether or not you are suitable for the position. No sales company will want to mar their reputation by putting out an individual as their representative who does not know the etiquettes of speaking to others. To exhibit confidence, it is better if you go prepared with the answers to specific probable questions such as what is it you like about the position being offered? Where do you derive your motivation from? etc.
  4. Be ready to learn – being open to learning new things is a vital tool to success, you may have a lot of knowledge on varied matters, but that should not make you think, you know it all. Be like a sponge, taking in everything that surrounds you, exude the enthusiasm to educate yourself with more and more knowledge of various subjects. The recruiters are then convinced that they can mould you according to their requirement, in case you do not have everything they want or something novel crops up.

As a newcomer to the industry remember you are constantly under the radar of the recruiter, hence, put yourself in the best light as someone, willing to do all it takes to secure a sales job.


Being an experienced person in the field puts you in a slightly different spot in comparison to a novitiate; the expectations of you increase, and you will need to prove your claims and thereby yourself as a sales personnel. So, here are a few tips that you could follow to lighten the burden of expectation.

  1. Resume – even though you may be in this field of work for several years, it is crucial you brush up the resume, every now and then and keep them updated with the latest step in your career. A job in sales, when you are already working in the same genre, has to be replete with statistics. Recruiters prefer numbers with such candidates; they want to see what kind of target was set, how you reached it and whether or not you achieved more than the set target, if yes, then by how much. These details give them a clear insight into what they are hiring and how you would be a profitable addition to their organisation. If you have been job hopping, consider leaving it out of the resume (consult your professional resume writer), because in this industry of work, it is believed that there can be no reason for a salesperson to not have a job, if he claims to be accomplished. A mention of job-hopping and your resume immediately makes it to the pile of rejected resumes, so, be careful.
  2. Use your strengths to pitch for yourself – In case you are looking for a higher-level position in the sales industry, then your responsibility to prove your worth becomes even more. You have to establish yourself as someone who can design a strategy, work with a team, and produce positive results. To ascertain these skills, remember to give a ‘bird’s eye view’ of your previous company’s sales team division. Your experience is your strength, and that is the card you have to play in order to secure a high-level position in a sales job.
  3. Be smart – you may be mature in this professional field, but do not let out your age in your resume. Speak of the relevant skills and ensuing experiences but be clever not to mention too many dates that will reveal your age, as that may act as a hindrance in the recruitment process. If, however, in the interview, you are questioned about it, exercise your astute intelligence and allude them to the fact that you do have the latest trends and tactics up your sleeve as well.
  4. Don’t be a cry baby – be ready to face defeat, if in case, you do not land a job with the company putting in your application or in the worst-case scenario, after an interview, do not burn bridges. Accept your defeat graciously while simultaneously thanking the recruiter for giving the opportunity to be interviewed. In fact, keep the door of relationship open with them by mentioning that you would love to be associated with them if there is any vacancy in the future.
  5. Use the help of a sales recruiter – finally, a sales recruiter will be the most reliable person to turn to in this situation, to get guidance on how to prepare the resume and prepare yourself for an interview.

Sales is an important field of profession because the future of all companies rests on their sales, that is the reason getting a sales job often seems tougher than anything else. But when you are equipped to the best of your ability, and you know how to sell yourself well, then you have nothing to worry about.

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