Guarding Yourself Against the Economic Meltdown – the Recession-proof

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Guarding Yourself Against the Economic Meltdown – the Recession-Proof

ways to become Recession-proof A recession in an economy is an inevitable occurrence; since there is nothing in your capacity to stop it, what you can do best is to make provisions that you do not get badly hit by it. So, make hay while the sun shines, and read through this write-up, to find out what kind of guard walls you have to make yourself immune and remain recession-proof.

  1. Find yourself a job that is most suited to your qualification – it is a human tendency to be able to be a little more lenient in their dealings with others when things in their lives are at their best. As soon as they are pressed by some odd situation that is the when you can see them living up to the phrase“ desperate times calls for desperate measures”. Having a job that you could say you are created for, is the ideal thing to do.; for you never know when your employers may be planning on employee cut down and you find yourself among the rejected few just because others had better-suited qualifications for the job. Therefore, be very careful when you are on a job hunt, do not just settle for any random post because you need to work. Focus on those jobs that will help you put your current skills to work and not something in which you have to use a transferable skill. In other words, your employer needs to see you as an asset for the company who is indispensable; this will help prevent them from making you sit down during rough financial times.
  2. Look for jobs specifically in those industries which are not affected by a change in the economic condition. To put it in another way, you should always aim at working in those industries that involve the basic requirements of man. Say, for example, the education, health care, judicial and legal department, all these will never go out of business. On the contrary, you would be surprised to know that sometimes some industries start to bloom during a recession, and that is why they are considered under the category of what is known as a recession-proof job.
  3. Do not ignore the employment calls; it surely is a complete disruption of your peace when you keep getting calls from various agencies offering you jobs. Though presently, you may be having a job, you never know when things take a turn, and you suddenly find yourself in need of another job. This is when you have this calls for vacancies as your backup; you can get back to them and ask if the position is still available. Well, something is better than nothing right. Hence, do not always entirely shun these calls, instead talk to them politely and show them the possibility of you taking up a job with them in the future.
  4. Branding yourself and networking have become a compulsion if you have to be employed, and in this case, recession-proof. You have to work on having the best resume as well as LinkedIn profile making sure, you have clearly stated your strengths and your areas of expertise. You may always get a job when you are looking for it, but recruiters could dig up some old data during difficult times and notice that you are the one they need. So despite your prosperous current employment, never give up on expanding your professional network.
  5. A lot of people these days are seen to be doing two jobs simultaneously, one that is a permanent one and the other a freelancing. This proves to be of great help when the economic condition is going to the gutters. Even if you do suffer a lay off by your stable employer, you know that you have something to fall back upon. Taking up any freelancing job is thus advisable, as the current trends show that the opportunities here are ample.
  6. Alternatively, signing if for contractual employment, is not a bad idea either. You work a specified time period with a company collect your remunerations and go ahead to work in another contract. This gives you the advantage of not getting sacked, and effectively making yourself recession-proof, without much difficulty. Your employer does not have much of a choice, even if his economy is suffering and he is in an employee lay off situation.
  7. Apart from the various industries that are immune to the effects of the recession, consultation is a genre that does not lose its market at any time. More and more need consultation during the time they are faced with employment challenges, such as during a recession. You could consider, this as an employment option, therefore, dodging the hit of the recession efficiently.

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