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Freelancing While Employed – Yes or No?

Freelancing While EmployedWhether you can do freelancing work while having a full-time job, is a debatable yet one of the frequently asked questions. The basis of it being a topic of argument is ‘work ethics.’ While legally, no particular code exists to call the practice of multiple employment ‘unacceptable’; yet it might be your ethics that could attach an ‘illegal’ sanction to this act of freelancing while employed.

Even according to ethics, this situation is not entirely impermissible. All you have to remember is, some aspects of it need to be given proper attention, to keep it from affecting the full-time job. Having met this criterion, you should be good to go and indulge in some other employment that will help you in meeting ends comfortably.

The inquiry about the legality of having a freelancing job simultaneously with a secured career is rather common. The answer to this is, surely no company owner will want his/her employees to focus on something else other than the work they have been assigned. Hence, in most cases, you will have no choice but to remain discreet about it. But it is best if you could inform your employer about it seeing a good time, for honesty as always is the best policy. However, in India, there are specific organizations that do allow multiple employments at the same, provided you meet their clauses.

Some of the points to keep in mind in freelancing while employed include the following:-

  1. It cannot be the same work as you do at your workplace.
  2. The other person or company you work for cannot be a direct or indirect competitor to your current employer.
  3. The time used should be considered

It is understandable that the rising price of basic amenities and other life-sustaining things, along with the cut-throat competition, provokes one to take up multiple jobs. Nonetheless, if you are an existing employee at any organization, it is only ethically right to keep the requirements of your boss as a topmost priority. If after that you find that you have more than enough time left on your hands to take up some freelancing work, then you could/ should take that up. Because you must know already ‘An Empty Mind Is A Devils Workshop.’

But as every job has its challenges, you ought to be prepared to face a few of these in maintaining a balance between the two tasks. And the first of these would be – not to use your official work time to carry out the other work.  Next would be to make sure that your freelancing work is not affecting the quality of your full-time job in any way. Ensure that you give your employer no reason to lose his/her trust on you; for trust once lost, it tough to regain. Though the full-time work of yours may not be able to provide entirely for your living; yet never forget that it is the job that gives you more stability than your freelancing job.

Since this brings personal profit to you, it is unethical that you should use office assets or even the environment for the purpose. This then becomes the third thing you need to keep in mind when you intend to do freelancing while employed. Your easiest option to work on the freelancing task is to do so after your office hours. Plan effectively and carry out your extra work; this will also help you in avoiding confusion and unnecessary disturbance. You will be able to focus better when you take one thing, or in this case, one job at a time. In order to achieve clarity in both segments, you will need to strike a balance between the two.

Everything said and done; freelancing does have its own perks which you are eligible to enjoy if you think your current job lacks the efficiency of aiding in comfortable survival. Having a freelancing job gives you added security financially; it enhances your scopes of learning. It could even help in opening new doors to your career with the skills that you acquire in doing the extra work. Sometimes, it is in this freelancing job that you find your inner professional passion, and because of this, you get the motivation in life to do better in all spheres. In the bid, you could end up becoming one of the best employees, owing to the sheer dedication it urges you to put in all your work. And of course, it makes a big difference in the size of your income, which is one of the most fundamental reasons that a person takes up multiple jobs simultaneously in the first place.

Finally, to sum it all up – the answer to ‘Freelancing while employed – yes or no?’, I would say ‘YES’ but by remembering to maintaining the ethical rights and wrongs.

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