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Formatting your contact information on your resume
contact information on your resume

The resume is the one document that recruiters use, not to only know you but also get in touch with you, in case they feel that you are the appropriate person for the job. The drafting of the resume content in the most appropriate manner becomes a compulsion; it has to be created in a way that all your details are extremely clear before the prospective employer – the details of not just your qualifications, skills and accomplishments, but also how and where the recruiters should contact you. The bottom line is the contact information on your resume has to be crystal clear.

Your full name, address, e-mail id, phone number, are the contents of your contact information; it is your responsibility to provide these data most legibly to a hiring company, right at the top of your resume. So that the moment the employer looks into the resume, he/she knows who exactly they are considering for the position that vacant. Though apparently this information may not seem to carry too much importance, yet you will be surprised to know how based on these some candidates can get rejected.

Sometimes the location of an individual can be a hindrance to their selection process; you see the recruiter will not opt for a person living at a distant place from the office precincts to avoid travel issues of the employee. Because there may be times when the difficulty in travelling from home to office could influence the performance, and that is certainly not something any employer would want on his plate. Also, your name often serves as a lead for employers to look up your name on social media accounts, to gather more information about you as a person, to ascertain whether you are suitable for the post or not. When introducing yourself, you ought to be extra cautious of all that you include. So, here’s a little help with what the contents of the contact information on your resume should look like.

  1. Your Name: Ideally, you must include your full name, i.e. your first name followed by your last name. In case, you have a middle name, that is optional; however, if you do have a very common name such as Robert Smith or Ravi Shankar, then you may include your middle name, purely to distinguish you from the others who share your first and last name. Do not include any nicknames. However, if you have earned any title during the past years that add credit to your professional statuses, such as MBA or the like, then you should include that, it adds to your credentials.
  2. Your E-mail Address: this has come to serve of more significant purpose in comparison to your residential address in the present, as it has become the most convenient method for recruiters to get in touch with their candidates. Hence, precaution must be taken not to mess up this information at any cost. The address needs to be an appropriate conventional one, which includes your first name and last name, something like; there is no way you can even think of including e-mail id that looks like, titles like this are entirely unprofessional. Again you do not want to use the same e-mail address that you used during your job search, the best thing, thus, would be to have a separate personal id that complies to the above criterion, solely for contact purpose of recruiters.
  3. Phone number: this is the next crucial inclusion in the contact information of your resume and therefore, needs undivided attention. Give more than one number if possible and make sure that the phone numbers you give are personal and in regular use. Remember, however, not to make the mistake of giving your present work phone number, in case you are looking for another job while already employed. You would not want your current employer to know about your job search, right? You could also include your voicemail number so that the recruiters that at least leave a voice message if due to some unforeseen circumstance you are not able to take their call. But make sure that the message you have set for your voicemail box is appropriate; and check your messages frequently, to avoid delay in receiving a message.
  4. Mailing address: the inclusion of this is the least important in your information of contact because as I said earlier, it may even backfire if you aren’t in the area of the opportunity. However, that does not mean that you cannot include it at all. Some people use their permanent address, so if you are doing that, be sure to include all the essential details, such as the house no., street name, etc., to avoid any confusion. Alternatively, you could opt to write ‘Open to Relocation’ instead of your address; this conveys the message that you are willing to move out of your current residence to somewhere closer to the workplace. We advise not to keep your mailing address in the top section of your resume.
  5. LinkedIn Id: LinkedIn serves as an extended form of your resume, therefore making it a mandate, according to the current corporate trends. Recruiters these days make sure to check up the profile of any potential applicant on this platform, to get to know the person more. Please personalize your URL on LinkedIn to an easier and shorter one that bears your first and last to make it more professional.

Some of the formats of including contact information on your resume are:

  1. First name last name, MBA, email address, Phone Number, LinkedIn Id and Mailing Address,
  2. First name last name, Email Id  and Phone number

You could choose any format, either these or any other that you may come across, but ensure to keep the contents of the contact information the same. If however, you belong to a creative field of work such as photography, and you have other links that could establish your work more, then feel free to include them as well. A piece of vital advice that has to be stated here is, never making the mistake of adding your date of birth or gender, as it does not have a role to play in your selection as a potential employee. It is best if they are kept away to avoid any discrimination law that may be exercised at certain places. All you have to do is to make sure that the four necessary details are always there right at the header of your resume.

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