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Five Ways to win the Video Conference Interviewways to win the video conference interview

Technology, as we all know, is taking leaps and bounds to make the life of humans as convenient as can be, whether it is your personal or your professional front, it is working wonders for every individual. Video conference interview is one such technological boon to the corporate world; it is no longer a new thing though, contrarily it has now become a norm for most companies. This leaves you with no choice but to know all about such an interview type, and me no choice but to give you some ways to win the video conference interview.

Way # 1:

All important events of your life should have one thing in common – preparation. Nothing can come before this even when it is about your interview. Being ready in advance is your ticket to a successful video conference interview; this prepping process includes little things like installing the necessary software, in case you do not already have them on your computer. This will be particularly important if you are scheduled to taking the interview at your home. Check your webcam and also make sure that you are comfortable in front of it. If, however, you are seeking the refuge of a video conferencing centre, be certain that you reach there at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Way # 2:

The second among the ways to win the video conference interview has to be the setup. You need to have a complete distraction proof area, the last thing you will want is for your interviewer to see, is the litter in your room. The background of where you will be sitting and the light in front of you are the two prime criteria you have to take care of; remove any painting or portrait that may be adorning the wall of your room, at least temporarily. Sitting in front of a blank wall is the best idea. As regards the lighting, ensure that your face is clearly visible to the interviewer. Keep the room well lit with natural lighting by keeping the curtains and letting the sunlight in. Keep the camera close at a position where the unwanted things around will not be visible. Also do have your documents ready at hand, so that you do not have to get up in the middle to get them if asked for.

Way # 3:

Grooming yourself according to the occasion is always essential, you have to look presentable to the hirer. Hence, dress appropriately despite the venue of your interview being your own home. Do not even think of appearing for such an important event in a t-shirt with some funny quote on it. Wearing proper formal clothes is advisable,  though the ambience may be one of extreme comfort for you, yet you cannot forget that it is an interview for a potential job offer. Choose the single solid pastel colour clothes from your wardrobe for a better effect. Basically, your endeavour should be to cut down on any distractions; thus bling and flashy jewellery is yet another ‘no-no’ in this situation.

Way # 4:

Imagine yourself sitting in an interview in the office premises, wouldn’t you be to answer each question of the interviewer, looking him in the eye? Similarly one of the ways to win the video conference interview is to maintain your eye contact by looking into the camera. Never look at the screen or other things around while talking, as it becomes clearly visible to the interviewer, and they may take it is that you are not attentive or even interested in that matter.

Way # 5:

‘Practice makes a man perfect’, an adage that is applicable for all walks of life; and your video conference interview is no exception. Merely having the external things ready for an interview will fall flat on the face if you do not have enough practice.  Do your research before the interview, figure out the most commonly asked questions, and also rehearse a few of the tricky questions that are often thrown at the interviewee. A conference interview typically requires a candidate to talk out loudly and clearly, so that the answers are vividly audible to the interviewer. You can practice mock interviews with the help of your friends so that it doesn’t seem like completely new ground for you.

Once your interview is done, remember to ask for the names of the people who conducted the interview so that you can send the thank you note to them, immediately after the interview. Send a note individually to each person via e-mail, making each note unique.

Follow the above-said ways, and you can confidently say goodbye to all the jitters and nervousness before a video conference interview. All the Best!

Comment below, if you have any questions. We feel glad to support you.

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