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Find Out If Your Resume Passes the 6-Second Test

resume passes the 6-second test

One of the most critical documents in the process of job seeking is the resume, though a lot of people may think it to be a mere compilation of one’s qualifications, skills and achievements; yet the truth is, it needs deliberate thinking in its composition. With the world becoming unbelievably competitive, the number of resumes that a particular recruiter receives, for a single position, is beyond imagination. You can hence, only gauge the speed with which a hiring person will have to go through the resumes, and this is precisely why you need to make sure that your resume passes the 6-second test because it has been found that any recruiter scans a resume for roughly 6 seconds! (Check How to Pass ATS and Get your resume to human hands)

If you are already asking, what is a 6-second test? I have the answer. This is a way of personally scrutinising whether your resume adheres to specific aspects that a recruiter will skim through while going through the pile of resumes. So, what then are the questions, the answers to which you ought to seek in your resume? Read on to find out.

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Do I have the right format? – To ensure that a recruiter shortlists your resume for detailed reading, be careful of the resume format. An emphatic one should have sections entitled: Name, Education, Work Experience, Campus involvement and Key Skills. Also giving a thought to having an ATS-friendly resume could be your entry pass past the Applicant Tracking System, which is the usual way of sorting resumes before they reach the human hands.

Do I have the right keywords? – This is particularly significant owing to the existence of the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) wherein the computer has an automated selection process based on the keywords. You need to be smart and use the right keywords in your resume which will put you under the spotlight whenever a recruiter hits those keywords on the keyboard. There’s nothing to panic thinking how will you know the exact keywords. All you got to do is include words from the job description into your resume; basically, the language of both should match, and you are good to go.

Do I have enough white space? – That it may be easy for a recruiter to scan your resume and one more way to ascertain your resume passes the 6-second test, having the right font is crucial. Make it easy for them to peruse the resume, use fonts such as the Times New Roman or Arial.

Do I have clearly stated job goals? – The recruiter instantly needs to know what you are aiming at in your career and how you plan to achieve it. Instead of beating around the bush, be objective and state why you are qualified for the role you are going for. (See how to explain your career goals)

Have I emphasised my credentials? – If you have some certification or degree that is important for the position, make sure that you place the acronym of the same, immediately next to your name. For example, write MBA just beside your name, if you have got the degree, and the recruiter will undoubtedly notice it.

Have I given clear contact details? – What good will it be if you have a remarkable resume but are challenging to get in touch with? Thus, providing your email address clearly is rather essential. Also, your online presence is something that a lot of recruiters may have already sneaked upon before even going through your resume. So give them what they want and make their assessment work of you easier by linking the social media profiles to your career. This is your social proof to your claims of who you are.

Did I include Numbers? – Numbers always draw the attention of a recruiter and a guarantee that your resume

Passes the 6-second test. Whatever you may have professionally done in the past and listed in the resume, needs to be quantified. If you have led a team, how big was it?; if you have earned profits for your company, how much were they? Or by what percentage? Demonstration of your real-time achievements is a tool in convincing the recruiter in a short span of time.

I have thus, shared with you the questions you need to ask yourself when either creating or revising your resume. So, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find out if your resume passes the 6-second test. All the Best! If not, then avail our resume writing service to create a stunning resume

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