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Expect These Questions At A Behavioral Interview

questions at a behavioral interviewThe apprehensions, before appearing for an interview, are mostly caused because of the uncertainties of the questions that will be asked. The first fear is based on whether the individual will be able to answer appropriately so that the interviewer is pleased. Hence, the best way to overcome your fear is to be prepared, and that is why I have assorted for you some of the commonly asked questions at a behavioral interview.

Behavioral interview, the name is indication enough to understand what it means. Yes, you are right. It is an interview such as this, where the questions are mostly behavior-based. That is to say; the interviewers already have a set of skills that they would want the prospective employee to possess so that the demands of the supposed role can be effectively carried out. They, thus, ask questions about your past experiences, particular employment situations, to be precise.

Unlike a traditional interview where the interviewer intends to know about your achievements, most companies conduct this format of an interview, to determine what skills the candidate has employed previously to attain set goals. It may seem that these are then going to probably the easiest set of questions you have ever been asked. But, in reality, you will realize that they are not that easy to answer with all the nervous jitters going on in your stomach. This makes it imperative for you to be prepared in the best way you possibly can.

Sure you will not have to learn the answers by heart, by having a sense of how you would respond, what would be the contents of your response, are what you have to think beforehand. The questions at a behavioral interview that you have to prepare for can be divided into various categories. Time management, teamwork, communication skills, adaptability, client handling, and value system are the sections into which these questions are divided.


  1. How would you plan your work to ensure meeting the goals on time?
  2. Narrate how you managed a long term project?
  3. Have you ever managed multiple responsibilities simultaneously? If yes, how?


  1. How did you handle a conflict situation that you have faced at work?
  2. Did you ever regret having acted a particular way with someone important at work? How did you rectify it?
  3. Have you ever initiated in building a relationship at your workplace with someone important? How did you go about it?


  1. How do you make sure that everyone around you gets across your ideas?
  2. Narrate an incident where you had to explain something complicated to n impatient and frustrated client.
  3. Give me an example of how you convince others at the workplace to perform in a certain way.


  1. Tell me how you adapted to the work ethics of the place you worked last?
  2. Can you recall an incident or a time when you experienced a lot of work pressure? How did you handle it?
  3. Talk about a time you experienced failure. How did you emerge from it?


  1. How did you make a good impression on a difficult to please the client?
  2. Let me know how you reasoned with a client when you could not meet the results at the estimated time?
  3. Tell me about how you interacted with your first client ever? Has that changed with the last client that you had? How?


  1. What are your work ethics?
  2. What was your reaction to a successful acquisition of client feedback?
  3. Give me an example where you have exercised your creativity?

So, these are some of the expected questions at a behavioral interview. I hope you are well informed now and will be able to put aside your fears and hit the bull’s eye by impressing your interviewer.

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