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Doing a Job Search Without Creating a Personal Website Is Incomplete

Doing a Job Search Without Creating a Personal Website Is IncompletePersonal branding is one of the quintessential parts of the job hunt process; you have to know how to sell yourself. Since the digital mechanism drives the present times, there is no doubt that one has to adhere to such standards, to stay in the running. Therefore, to sustain oneself in the modern corporate world, the way to sell oneself is through the internet. A website is not an uncommon thing anymore, and thus, creating a personal website for free is the easiest and most efficient means of personal branding.

A website could be described as a mirror for an individual or a business entity; this is the space that you utilize to exhibit all aspects of you. Not just what you have accomplished or are capable of doing, but also the issues that interest you and what opinions you harbor. A website serves to reflect the uniqueness of the product you are selling – and in this case, the product is you! Added to that if you can get it done free of cost, then it surely is the icing on the cake.

The Recruiter’s Search You Out Easily

The first reason thus, you ought to have a personal website when you are seeking a job is that the recruiters too are mostly lurking on the internet. A website makes it easy for them to find you. Almost all employers are tech-savvy these days and use Google to their advantage optimally. They randomly search for the best candidates available for any position that they might have open. Also, since there is a 100% chance someone else shares your exact same name when hiring managers hit your name on open job portals, there are possibilities that you might be lost. Having a website contrarily is like escorting a guest, who has come to visit you for the first time, through the lanes right up to your doorsteps.

It Establishes Your Portfolio

Unlike the other public social media that have a set format, and all you do is fill your details, creating a personal website for free gives you the liberty to begin from scratch. You can choose your background, styles, designs, layout, and everything that you want to represent you. You aim to make it a one-stop-shop for any hiring person.

It Lets You Enjoy Unlimited Space

A resume, just like the other platforms on the internet, is restricted in space, a personal website, however, has no such limitations. It is therefore that you can share all your works such as a write- up, a blog, a speech at a conference, or even a project that you might have made; absolutely anything that you have created for professional purposes. This enables you to show what sets you apart from the others, how you are unique, and what caliber you possess, thereby giving you an edge over your competitors.

It Empowers You With New Knowledge

Anything that needs to be made involves creativity; hence, when you are in the process of tailoring your website, I am sure you will have tapped into your creativity with a 1000% intensity. Thus, putting in your armor of optimal creativity. Additionally, it is often that in the creation of something, newer things are learned. In this scenario, you will learn how to include all the essential details about yourself, control your personal brand, and at the same time how to keep your visitor engaged as well as how to rank yourself on Google. This then becomes a great byproduct of creating your personal website.

So, you see how your search for a job is incomplete if you do not have a personal website yet. Now, because I have revealed to you the importance of owning a personal website, I feel obliged to equip you with information on how you can achieve it. Therefore, the following are the ways you can design for yourself a personal website for free.

First up, visit free website creators such as – Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, HostGator, and There is a hoard of others as well in the market, but these are the highest rated. They have all the step by step guidelines for you to help you creating a personal website. Therefore,

  1. Sign up
  2. Choose a template
  3. Upload your content, which includes your photograph( a professional one of course!) as well. It should be interesting and capable of engaging visitors.
  4. Select a domain name – keep it short and simple, something that is easily understood and remembered.
  5. Organize the SEO that includes the meta tags, alt tags, descriptions, titles, keywords, and URL. You must check whether or not all the URLs are human-friendly.
  6. Finally, publish the website.

Now that you are entirely educated about personal websites don’t delay any more; if you haven’t already got a website for yourself and are on a job hunt, create a personal website immediately.

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