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Do we need a Job Objective in Resume?

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Do we need a Job Objective in Resume?

7 out of 10 Resume Samples that you see on the Internet have a Job Objective.  Do we need a job objective in resume? Actually, it is a debatable topic. Few career consultants argue objective statement is out of date and not required while others claim it is still needed. So in this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of having and excluding a Job Objective.

Do we need a Job Objective in Resume?
In an article written at “https://money.usnews.com” by “Alison Green” explains having an objective statement hurts us more than it supports. According to her, you can convey your career goals by writing a cover letter as mentioning your career goal on your resume could misguide your potential recruiter. Even though you’re qualified enough, by considering your job goal, there are chances that you may be rejected.

At the other end, having a Career objective is equally important because it can let your potential employers know what you want to be within seconds and they can read your resume further if your objective meets their requirement. Now let us see for whom the objective statement is required and for whom it is not required.

Job Objective is Not Required for

  1. Students who’re looking for internship/higher studies
  2. Professionals who rely entirely on Job Portals with a broader/vague goal
  3. Senior Professionals

Job Objective is Required for

  1. Entry/Intermediate Level Professionals who are making advancements in their same vertical
  2. Professionals targeting a particular company
  3. Professionals who are taking horizontal advancements with a clear-cut role

Why is Job Objective not obsolete?

Job objective in a resume is usually a two-line introduction of the candidate targeting the desired job goal. It is an integral part of the resume as it is like a heading to it. Nowadays, there is a thought prevailing that having both job objective and profile summary in the resume is unnecessary. But it is not true. First, let us know the difference between the job objective and the profile summary. As mentioned earlier, the job objective is the introduction or gist of the individual and his desired job goal. Profile summary, as the name says it is a summarised version of the individual’s profile, i.e. his/her career experience, job functions, technical skills the individual excel, and general managerial skills. Profile summary varies for every individual and every job. As the two sections, both the job objective and the profile summary are absolutely different from each other, and it is necessary to mention both of them.

Now let us know the importance of depicting the job objective in a resume. The job objective is the place where the individual introduces himself/herself and the desired job goal which the individual is targeting. Every resume is a targeted resume which focuses a particular job. By portraying the job objective, we make the resume a targeted one. Without the job objective, the resume would be an untargeted piece of work which says about the skills and profile of the individual but not the way how he/she would use it.

The topic “Is job objective obsolete” is always a debatable one as there are different perceptions but being neutral, we can still have a job objective in the resume to make it a targeted one. Adding to it, Job objective is recommended for individuals who have less than 15 years of experience. This gives the resume a requisition tone. We can start the resume in a dominative tone with a professional title for the individuals who have 15+ years of experience.

If you ask us “Do we need a Job Objective in Resume?”, Our answer will be “Yes” and at the same time “No”. We at Resume Master take a neutral stand to make sure your resume sounds convincing. According to us, Job Objective gives a requisition look whereas having a title provides a dominative look to your Resume. The objective statement should not exceed more than two lines, and you have to target either your desired job role/sector or the required skill set. Having a general objective statement is not recommended. The situation of having or not having is dynamic. Upload your resume by signing up an account, so that we can review your resume and tell you whether you need a job objective in your resume.

Hope we addressed your question “Do we need a Job Objective in Resume?”. Share this post if you like. Write us an email to contact@resumemaster.in or comment below to express your view related to this article.

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