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Check Out These Job Search Statistics-Some More Food For Thought

Job Search StatisticsGoing on a job hunt blindly is the worst mistake a candidate can make. It is always better to know how deep the waters are before you enter it. That is why you should be empowered with the knowledge of these job search statistics before you make your entry into the corporate world. That does not mean that those already employed are not in need to know this; to them, too, it is equally vital information, because the statistics are subject to change.

  1. The Job Boards – it has been found that almost 50% of all the applications received by companies are from the popular job boards, but unfortunately, not even 1% of those who applied through these boards find a job. The best way I think, even today, is to approach the company or the owner directly. Today, the internet has made available the websites that are owned by every business entity, so make use of that. Instead of being one among the crowd, make yourself visible by making direct contact.
  2. The online job postings – studies say that about 75-80% of jobs are not posted online, despite the fact that nearly 50% of job seekers prefer looking for a job online.
  3. The process of a job search – the job search statistics of 2018 reveal that about 43% of the candidates got a job within as short a time span as two weeks. And for the remaining percentage of applicants, the process of job hunt was less than 60 days.
  4. The recruitment speed – you will find that the startups recruit employees at lightning speed; especially in the retail industry, the recruitment is really quick. The educational and financial sector is relatively slow while the real estate positions take the most time to become occupied. Around 62% of candidates prefer to bag a job as fast as they can.
  5. The skills – a lot of employers express their disappointment in not finding enough skilled applicants. 67% of hiring managers consider it has become a challenge for them to come upon quality employees; for to them, the aspect of quality is four times more vital than the salary they are offering.
  6. Diversity – the modern hiring process witnesses nearly 78% recruiters are looking for variety within their company. They do this to ensure that they have an optimized company culture, eventually deriving excellent performance by the employees and thereby an enhanced financial situation.
  7. The ATS rules – almost every company in the present times, uses the ATS or Applicant Tracking System to hire someone. Taleo is one of the most popular ATS used by corporate companies; about 98% of companies love using this system to select potential employees and are satisfied with the way it works. But on the other hand, the applicants are not really in favour of this upgrade in technology as around 41% of candidates think that this kind of software overlooks many of the essential attributes.
  8. Referrals– it ought to be in your knowledge that recruitment through referrals is fast catching up, and in fact, about one-third of the recruits have landed a job through this. You should realize by now, why I have been giving so much emphasis on the need to sharpen your networking skills in my previous blogs. According to the job search statistics, your acquaintances and co-workers are highly instrumental in finding you a job. The referrals save you a lot of time since you do not have to put in your resume in multiple companies, and yet word of mouth, vlogs, blogs, reviews are good enough for employers to recognize their potential candidate.
  9. Change in tools – traditionally, a face to face interview would suffice in deciding with the recruitment; the new trend, however, is the use of a something like a 15-minute quiz to ascertain the abilities and professional possibilities of the candidate and the employer, respectively. More or less, 63% of recruiters think that this is a great method to analyze what a prospective employee is about to bring to the table.
  10. Networking – finally, I am back to the most crucial item on your to-do list while hunting a job, which is networking. Social media plays a massive role in the process of recruitment; whether it is a prospective employer or a prospective employee, both can equally benefit from it. About 73% of hiring managers are said to find their ideal candidates from social media sites. But hang on! The flip side of this that they have also rejected a good percentage of candidates for something offensive they have witnessed on these sites. The bottom line, therefore, is to be extra cautious with what you fill your social profile, in case you are looking for a job.

These are thus those statistics which give you a vivid picture of the corporate world and help you be clear-headed in the route you ought to take up, to find that dream job of yours.

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