Don’t Get Impatient When Doing CEO Job Search

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Don’t Get Impatient When Doing CEO Job Search

ceo job searchIf you have recently lost your executive position and are on the hunt for a new job for the same post, then my advice to you is – have Patience! Yes, you read it right. You must have been confident that with so many years of experience and such level of expertise, bagging the same position once again will be a cakewalk. I am sorry to break your bubble; a CEO job search is going to be quite a wait for you. Getting an entry-level job, without any experience at all, seems to be more quickly acquired than this. There are a few reasons that make the job search for an executive time-consuming.

  1. The seats for the top positions are limited – have you ever known a company that has multiple heads? No. That is why the more responsible jobs are given to only a handful of people in any organization. And the reason why the posts of an executive or a director are not found vacant easily. These positions are generally vacated on very few grounds
    -the person has been evicted from the company owing to some reason
    -the appointed person has left the company
    -the person is no more alive

And even when there is a vacancy, the company owners do not prefer to hire someone from the outside, directly to the top level. Instead, they recruit someone internally. Openly announcing a void space in the upper level of a company seems to harm its reputation. It is hence the information of empty slots in the higher level is conveyed through reliable sources and referrals of the company’s people. This concept, however, is gradually changing, and business entities are becoming more open to taking on board someone entirely new to the company.

  1. More than one person makes the decision – since you are being hired to a position that claims profound responsibility, it is bound to be a rigorous process. A team of decision-makers, in this case, is seen. At the lower level or entry-level positions, a single experienced person of the company is good enough to decide on who ought to be recruited and who not. But in this scenario, more than one person has to determine whether or not you are absolutely fit for the role and its demands. Several members may interview you, and they will give you a green signal only when they are entirely sure that you are the one. This is how time is extended before your CEO job search ends.
  2. Getting a grip over the situation – being employed at the c-level means numerous years of dedication and hard work; letting it go in the blink of an eye, is humanly very difficult. There is undeniably a sea of emotions attached to it, which is what makes it even more challenging to accept the fact that you have to begin a job hunt yet again. Usually, it has been seen that candidates going through this significant change in their profession take a lot of time to recover and come to terms with reality. This, in the bargain, increases the duration between quitting or losing one job and getting another.
  3. Lack of networking – finally, the reason that results in making the CEO job search, so time-consuming is due to your neglect. Experts have time and again adviced that networking in today’s world is a mandate for every working professional, irrespective of whether you currently need a job or not. If you have been following this advice religiously, then you can be happy that your search for a role at the higher level will take less time than those who have not been networking. Though it may be true that the kind of post and responsibilities you had been fulfilling so far, were rather compelling and caused you to push networking to a backseat. But life is unpredictable, and we do not know what is going to happen next, hence being prepared is the best thing one can do to avoid being hard hit by the uncertainties of life. Expanding and maintaining your social and professional network through the internet acts as a cushion at times like these, and precisely why it has become so important. A lot of jobs these days are found to have been acquired through referrals – the most positive by-product of networking.

I am sure now you have got the answer to your question of why a CEO job search takes so much time to find as opposed to the other roles and positions.

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